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Muslims (after September 11)

No description

Sophia Goncalves

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Muslims (after September 11)

Modern Witch Hunt:
Muslims (after September 11)

Sophia Goncalves
How does this classify as a witch hunt?
A witch hunt is defined as "a political campaign launched on the pretext of investigating activities subversive to the state." A Muslim witch hunt is the hunting down of Muslims, for fear of them being terrorists after an Islamaic terrorist group claimed responsiblity for 9/11. In a witch hunt, innocent individuals are used as scapegoats to take the blame for an event not caused by them. These individuals are then persecuted by society. Muslims fit into this description of a witch hunt, facing oppression daily.
The Involved
Victims: Muslims and those who look Middle Eastern.
Perpetrators: U.S. government, media, and citizens of the United States.
Bystanders: People of the United States.
Allies: Islamic and Middle Eastern countries, Muslims, and some U.S. residents/citizens.
Although called a "Muslim Witch Hunt," the hunt is not limited to just Muslims. Most of the victims are Muslims, however those who look Middle Eastern based on appearances, as well as those descending from Middle Eastern countries, are hunted.
The 9/11 attacks were organized by the
terrorist group Al-Qaeda. Aftwe 9/11, the American government and its citizens became paranoid and filled with the fear of Muslims, assuming that every Muslim was a terrorist. Those of islamic faith became more likely to be searched. The use of social media and television, in which opinions are shared, increased the fear in Muslim individuals and those who look Middle Eastern.
Why was this group hunted?
As paranoia spread throughout America, people began to take drastic measures. The New York Police Department spied on over 250 mosques and Muslim student groups in New York. Recently, Rep. Michele Bachmann, "sent letters to the State Department, Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security asking them to investigate American Muslim organizations, individuals and government employees to determine if they are infiltrating the government and sabotaging it from within." Violence, hate crimes, and hate groups against Muslims became prevalent after 9/11.
Hate Crimes Against Muslims
Anti-Mosque Activity
5 or more anti-mosque incidents
1-2 anti-mosque incidents
3-4 anti-mosque incidents
December 6, 2012 - A dead pig was left in front of a Houston-area mosque. Muslims do not eat pork and consider pigs as unclean animals.
December 27, 2012 - Sunando Sen, an Indian immigrant, was pushed by a stranger onto subway trucks and killed by an oncoming train. The stranger who pushed him told detectives "I pushed a Muslim off the train tracks because I hate Muslims… Ever since 2001 when they put down the Twin Towers, I've been beating them up." The man was not a Muslim, but had the Middle Eastern appearance.
After 9/11, anti-mosque activity occurred in over 50 percent of the states. Some mosques were vandalized and others were protested against being built. A handful of mosques were burned.
Murders Fueled By Hate
Active Anti-muslim Hate Groups
Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment
- Their goal is to "expose the evils of Islam". They are famous for producing an anti-Muslim film called “The Innocence of Muslims," which resulted in angry riots in the Middle East.
Christian Action Network
- They focus on the issue of Islamic Sharia law, and what CAN calls “its encroachment in American society."
Against Islamophobia protests
September 15, 2001 - Frank Roque went on a shooting spree in Arizona. He shot at a clerk of Lebanese descent, into the home of an Afghan family, and at Balbir Singh Sodhi, the owner of a gas station. Sodhi died and the others were not injured. Roque shouted, ''I stand for America all the way,'' as he was handcuffed and the FBI ruled it as the first Muslim hate crime.
December 6, 2014 - Ahmed Aden purposely ran over a 15 year old boy named Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein. Muslims had been harrassed in the neighborhood by Aden and wrote “Quran is a virus disease (worse) than Ebola” on the back of his SUV.
The hunting of Muslims out of fear is sometimes referred to as "Islamophobia." Although many people in America are "islamophobic," there are those who see the persecution of Muslims as immoral. They have organized anti-islamophobia protests, set up websites to locate "anti-Muslim hate groups," and use Facebook where people can "like" anti-islamophobic pages. Those who oppose Islamophobia are most likely the 27% of Americans who have a favorable view of Muslim Americans.
The most malevolent aspect, in my opinion, is the fear that Muslims live with, the constant fear of being persecuted or attacked in the streets. Also, a muslim author says her children ""always approach the anniversary of 9/11 with a heavy heart," due in part to teasing at school. No child should have to fear being taunted in school for something they didn't do.
Works Cited
Why is this important?
This is important because it shows that history repeats itself. Witch hunts have been prevalent throughout the world over hundreds of years. Witch hunts, such as the Muslim witch hunt, are examples that hysteria and fear can cause the death of innocent indiviuals. Americans, driven by fear, have tried to get vengeance on Muslims in violent and hateful ways. In doing so, they have transferred the fear of Americans to Muslims. If society continues to have these fears and hysteria, there will be no solution, causing witch hunts to continue throughout the world.
Lessons that come from this
As a society, America needs to be more open-minded, as not everybody is to blame for 9/11. Americans need to focus on finding a solution to make sure an event like 9/11 does not happen again, rather than focusing on finding a scapegoat. Also, racial profiling has played a huge role in the hunting of Muslims and those who look Middle Eastern. This shows racism is still alive in America today. America is a work in progress and needs to continue striving to correct its mistake of targeting innocent Muslims.
In my opinion, it was normal for Americans to be scared of another event like 9/11 happening. However, I believe their fear got out of hand, since only an
Islamic group was responsible for the attack, not everybody of Islamic faith. I also believe Americans were looking for a scapegoat, a group that they could blame for the horrible events. The Muslim witch hunt is a horrible and saddening movement that needs to be addressed more often. Also, the Muslim witch hunt captures America's hypocrisy. The Bill of Rights, which the country is based upon, includes the freedom of religion. However, a Muslim is likely to be persecuted because of their religion, showing that freedom of religion is actually limited.
Opinion on Muslim Witch Hunts
Most Malevolent Aspect
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Muslim holding a sign that says "tolerance" at a protest.
Anti-Muslim protest taking place.
Osama Bin Laden, leader of Al-Qaeda
Anti-Muslim protest.
The number trend on twitter at this moment was #blamethemuslims
An airport worker searching a Muslim woman.
A sign reading "Wake Up. Islam's Goal: Destruction of Our Way of Life."
Dead pig found in front of mosque.
Sunando Sen.
Vandalized walls of The Islamic Center of America.
A firefighter putting out a mosque on fire.
A map showing anti-mosque activity in America.
A scene from the movie "The Innocence of Muslims."
Balbir Singh Sodhi.
Ahmed Aden (left) and Avdisamad Sheikh-Hussein (right).
A protest taking place.
A facebook page titled "Americans Against Islamophobia."
Muslims in the airport with a sign on one of their backs that says "I've Got A Bomb."
Muslim with a sign begging the NYPD to stop racial profiling.
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