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Raul Morales

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of Immigration

Immigration to Texas
Fantastic Voyage
Coach Morales' Class

Tom Browne MS
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
New Arrivals From America
Texas maintains control of public land and can use it however they wish.
Homestead Law allows for settlers to get land simply by living on it and improving it.
Land could then be purchased cheap, laws helped settlers keep land even if they owed money.
Many came from South, some put "GTT" which meant Gone To Texas
Spanish influence remained present

Mexican Texans
One the border shifts after the war, all people living in area between Nueces and Rio Grande became citizens
They were concentrated in 3 areas: Nueces-Rio Grande, S.A.-Goliad, and Del Rio-El Paso
Ranchers and farmers
Many faced hostility and prejudice, Deleon family lost all land
Retained culture and added Anglo culture
African American Texans
2nd largest population group,after Anglos
Most were slaves, 400-1,000 were free out of 169,000 in 1860
Free African Americans were not welcome
Laws prevented them from settling and restricted the rights of those already living here
Slaves faced many cruelties and hardships
New European Arrivals
By 1860 over 40,000 arrived from Europe, 8% of the population
Many came for chance to own land
Irish arrived around 1845 due to potato famine
Jews arrived to avoid discrimination and prejudice
Texas provided economic opportunities and political freedom
German Texans
Largest group of immigrants, 3rd largest group in Texas
Result of German individuals and investment companies
Johan Friedrich Ernst had land in Austin county in 1831, writes letters for more Germans to come
Diverse group with religions such as Catholics, Jews, and Lutherans
Different cultures at different settlements
Irish Texans
One of the first groups to come to Texas
Part of Austin's "Old 300"
Settled in Refugio and San Patricio
William Kennedy wrote "The Rise, Progress, and Prospects of Texas" (1841) which encouraged Irish settlement
Other Groups
Josef Lesikar, a Czech, brought other farmers in 1853 to New Ulm
1852 Polish priest Leopold Moczygemba helps found Panna Maria, 1st Polish-American community in the US
Jacob De Cordova, a Spanish Jew, promoted Texas settlement by giving speeches and writing guidebooks
John Nordboe, a Norwegian farmer and doctor, settled around Dallas
Johan Reinert Reiersen and his father, Norweigians, founded Normandy in Henderson County and another in Van Zandt County in 1840s
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