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CCHS Nutrition

No description

Emily Schwall

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of CCHS Nutrition

Nutrition Approach

Nutrition in Districts & Schools
Jeffco Schools
Emily O'Winter
District level
School level (healthy celebrations, fundraisers, rewards, snacks)
Let's hear from the experts
1. Choose a strategy of interest

2. Discuss what you've done in this area

3. jot down 2-3 accomplishments/approaches

4. Share out
Supporting Schools
What's Worked, What hasn't
At your tables, at least one person share a time that you tried an initiative and it didn't work
Moving policy too quickly
Dream big
Something you hope to implement
When in doubt...
Gardens, H2O filling stations, smarter lunchrooms, etc.
Youth Engagement
Student led wellness teams, FUTP60, etc.
Health Education
Incorporating health standards via integration, PBLs, health classes, etc.
School Community
(parents, community)
Wellness nights, cooking classes, parent voice in health (school and district level) backpack programs/food banks, etc.
Hydration challenge, staff nutrition class, newsletters,
District Wellness Coordinator(s) is key

Wellness teams & goals

funding: to schools

PD and staff/PTA meeting presentations

Supporting schools with strategies and resources

Sample nutrition policy language, newsletter info, etc
Youth Engagement
Health Education
School Community
text 609284 and your answer to 37607
Wait, but what about the meal program?
Let's Connect!

Emily O'Winter
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