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Question-Answer Relationships---Advanced Reading

No description

Sumei Wu

on 21 July 2013

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Transcript of Question-Answer Relationships---Advanced Reading

Key Strategy:
Question-Answer Relationship (QAR)

Read with Sung (Advanced):
while developing the ability to construct meaning from text.
at a high level of comprehension with some linguistic supports for unfamiliar topics.
(After Reading )
Vogt, M.E. Echevarria, J. (2008). 99 ideas and activities for teaching English learners with the SIOP model. Boston: Pearson.

According to
, if Sung
is at the advanced level, she reads...
To help Sung increase her comprehension of abstract, grade-appropriate texts,
recommends the teacher to...
provide opportunities for the students to read abstract, grade-appropriate text.
provide visual and linguistic supports...
Question-Answer Relationships (QAR)
To teach students to decide the type of questions and apply strategies to answer the questions accordingly;
To teach students how to ask questions at different levels of thinking skills to promote their comprehension.
Two Categories including Four Types:
In the Book
Right there
Think and Search
In My Head
Author and Me
On My Own
Type One:
Type Two:
Start with teaching
the "Right There" questions.
Who? What?
When? Where?
Think and Search
Type Three:
Several sentences, passages, or chapters in the text.

Author and Me
Type Four:

On My Own
Think about your
own experience to respond.
Able to ask different levels of questions to promote comprehension of a text.
Correctly identify the type of questions.
Answers can be directly found from the text.
Readers can still find answers from the text but
have to think about the relationships among the
ideas or information.
"The main idea of the passage
"Compare and
"What is the relationship between...?"
"Who is...?"
"What is...?"
"Where is...?"
In the Book
In the Book
Readers have to relate their prior knowledge and experience to information from the text.
"The author implies..."
"The passage suggests..."
Not directly
presented in the book.
In My Head
In My Head
Readers have to use their own background experiences and knowledge to answer the questions.
"In your opinion...,"
"Based on
your experience...,"
"Think about
someone or something you know..."
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