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Deforestation in South America

No description

Jasmine Morrell

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Deforestation in South America

Deforestation By: Jasmine Morrell, to the US company deforesting a rainforest in South America Who Benefits and Who Loses from Deforestation? Do Benefits Outweigh the Costs? Are there any alternatives to deforestation? And why does it matter in the first place? Are there Alternatives? Why Does it Matter? Who Loses? Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs? Who Benefits? Causes of Deforestation Impacts of Deforestation What are the Causes and Impacts of Deforestation? As a major company involved in deforestation, you probably know many causes of deforestation already. I will review them anyway.
-Slash and Burn Agriculture: the clearing of land and burning of stumps to send nutrients into soil and produce temporary crops.
- Intensive Agriculture: Using pesticides and chemicals on large portions of land to produce crops fast. When it rains, these chemical are put into the water sources of the area.
- Commercial Logging: This includes clear cutting and selective felling. Both are damaging to the environment. While deforestation may benefit you temporarily, the long term effects are incredibly damaging to the environment and make it not worth it. Some impacts of deforestation include:
-Climate Change: Burning forests enhances the greenhouse effect, causing global climate change that negatively impacts the environment.
- Desertification: Clearing Forests and even Selective Felling make it difficult for trees to regrow. It takes a long time for the land to recover, if it recovers, causing loss of natural resources.
- Pollution: Using chemical and pesticides causes those chemicals to get into the local environment and pollute it.
-Soil erosion: Substinence farming might seem logical in the short term, but it takes the land a long time to recover from the loss of nutrients in the soil.

Results of Deforestation As a major company involved in deforestation, you obviously make a profit. Deforestation benefits you! And to some extent, it benefits those who buy your products. In the short term, the benefits and profits that come from deforestation may appear to outweigh the consequences. But this simply ISN"T TRUE. So many people lose and suffer negative consequences when it comes to deforestation. Those whose homes were destroyed in the process (animals and humans alike) have to find new homes elsewhere. The land is destroyed and might not be able to recover. If land can't recover, than you and other deforestation companies ultimately lose profit. And future generations will have to deal with whatever mess we make with deforestation now. The resources, land available, and overall futures of our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren are being forever altered by deforestation in the present. More people lose than win when it comes to deforestation. This is a question where the answer will vary based on who you talk to. However, I think before you jump to answer "yes" to this question, consider the following:
-Do you want your children and grandchildren for generations to have altered and less full futures because of deforestation today?
- Is the initial profit gain from deforestation worth the profit loss that comes if land can't be recovered and resources run out?
-What happens if and when resources do run out?
Absolutely there are alternatives! If you have decided to take a step towards helping preserve and protect the global environment, than here are some more steps you can take as a company. Instead of continuing deforestation, focus on finding ways to maximize the use of wood and other natural resources, and focus on recycling those products which you already have on the market. Spread awareness of the issue of deforestation and encourage other companies involved to do the same. Maximize your use of land, and try teaming up with organizations dedicated to protecting the environment (ex: Greenpeace). It will take some time and effort to reprogram your company, but if you decide to do it, the benefits in the long run will FAR outweigh the initial cost (unlike deforestation)! I think it is clear that deforestation is something that not only harms the environment in the short term, but has the potential to harm the whole world in the long term. It could alter the world not only now, but for generations to come. For this reason, it matters a great deal, and your efforts in reducing deforestation are appreciated not only by myself, but also by the people inhabiting the world currently and those who will inhabit it in the future. I hope you decide to try and protect the environment through reducing deforestation, and thank you greatly for your time!

Jasmine Morrell Among these effects are the indirect impacts, including loss of biodiversity, extinction, displacement of locals, and the destroying of countless habitats. Think about these questions carefully and decide for yourself: do the benefits outweigh the costs? I think it is my opinion as well as the opinion of many others that the answer to this question is a firm and definite "no".
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