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Legalization of Marijuana

What are the pros and cons of Legalization? why is the country better off with marijuana legalized than not?

Wesley Walker

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Legalization of Marijuana

Double click anywhere & add an idea Marijuana Uses In 2004 the United Nations estimated that about 4%
of the world population (about 162 million people)
use marijuana annually and around .06% (22.5 million)
use the drug daily.
Medicinal Marijuana has been used as medicine for many years, and is known to have many medical benifits including pain relief, treatment of nausia, lack of appitite, alcohol abuse, arthritus, bipolar disorder, depression, and could be helpful in the treatment of Chron's disease, migranes, and fibromyalgia. It has also been proven that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the 'get you high' stuff prevents the formation of deposites in the brain that cause Alzheimer's disease. Spiritual/Religious When we think of the religious or spiritual uses
of marijuana most of us think first to the Rastafarian religion,
which uses cannabis in the practice of worship, reading, and meditating.
Bob Marley said, "The herb ganja is the healing of the nations."

Marijuana has been used recreationally for many years and for many different reasons.

Marijuana was also used
in the Acient Chinese, Asian,
Pagen, Hundu, Buddhist, and Muslim religions "If marijuana "If marijuana isnt legal within the next five years...I have no faith left in humanity period. Everyone likes smokin weed,they have for thousands of years they're not going to stop any time soon. You Know? it makes everything better! makes food taste better, makes music better, makes sex feel better for Gods sake! it makes shitty movies better... You Know?" but.... Must think its a great thing now right? what about the negatives? causes impaired driving
allows carcinogens to enter the body
long term use may affect thinking, emotions and feelings
can lead to dependance
can also lead to the use of harder drugs
daily dependance results in loss of drive So.... Is it a good thing or a bad thing? the real question is, should it be legalized? LEGALIZATION A little background...
the Marijuana tax law was passed in 1937, and it required
the marijuana seller to obtain a license. The reason for this
law was the during this time there was substantial immigration from Mexico into the United States, and since this was during the great depression there were no jobs for them either. Due to the heavy production of la mota in Mexico, many immigrants took up the job of selling marijuana. The 'against' argument

a unhealthy and to some people an immoral drug cannot be backed by the state.
easy availibility will create new users
drugs ard addictive and dangerous. An addicted person cannot make the right decision about whether to continue to smoke or not.
Marijuana can lead to the use of harder drugs. The 'for' argument

prohibition has friction against freedom, we should be able to make our own decisions reguarding substances.
people use the arguement that marijuana is immoral, well it may be to some, but for others it is actually a religion!
Just becuase marijuana is banned doesnt mean that people arent still cultivating, selling, and smoking it. It just means its being done illegally. "All the current system is doing is putting money in the hands of criminals, and its making ordinary people like you and me deal with those criminals! Have you ever dealt with a drug dealer? It's terrible, it's wierd, it's akward... they kinda think there your friend but their not."
If marijuana was taxed by the government I believe it would help to bring the country out of national debt.

Marijuana and Music
Marijuana has been and most likely will be a huge part of the
music industry for many years to come. Hit Boston rapper Sam Adams says in one song that, "Good weed make a shackeled man feel free".
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