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Graphics Folio


Laura Richardson

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Graphics Folio

Laura Richardson Graphics Folio All brands have a unique logo which they are known for. Our job is to create our own logo and swing tag. It has to be something that catches the eye and also something that represents our 'company' and the products we 'make'. Design Brief Some design limitations present for me in this task are: time and resources.
Time: Due to other school activities or sickness I missed a number of technology lessons that put me behind in my work and caused me to simplify a few things in my design. In week 6 I missed two lessons due to band and choir camp.
Resources: When it came to presenting my logo and swing tag I found that the things I wanted to do were not possible due to the resources available to me. Design Limitations A well designed logo will represent the company well. For example, if the company is selling baby clothes then the logo will have to have colours, fonts and pictures that are associated with babies. The logo also has to be appealing and eye-catching so that people will take notice. Criteria for Success Time Management plan Positive: The logo shows what the company sells and is also simple and sophisticated.
Minus: To someone who has just seen the logo for the first time they may be confused about why the lady is in the middle circle.
Interesting: The lady/creature in the middle circle (the siren) was included in the design to show the seafaring history of coffee.
Positive: The colour of the logo makes it known what type of things/colours the brand will be selling.
Minus: The cursive font can make it difficult to read.
Interesting: The accent on the last letter of the logo gives it a French or Italian style.
Positive: The shape of the logo shows the type of things the brand sells (skating shoes).
Minus: The black and white colours can turn the logo dull.
Interesting: The logo’s saying being included is a smart idea; it appeals to the young audience who want to be ‘off the wall.’
Positive: The logo is unlike other logos, it is easy to recognise.
Minus: The companies name isn’t present on the logo and so people who are not familiar with the brand will not know what brand it is.
Interesting: The abstract mountain and wave make the logo unique.
Positive: The logo is simple, easy to read and easy to recognise.
Minus: The lack of colours and shapes make the logo boring.
Interesting: The two repetitive words give the logo a cool effect. Investigation Five possible brand names that I brainstormed were: Arual, Accio, Freefall, Recap and Wide Awake
In the end I picked Accio and I sketched 5 different designs to suit the name. Thinking I am surprisingly happy will the end result. I believe that I met the design brief and criteria for success because when I went back and looked at what I wanted my logo to include it ticked all the boxes. I believe that my logo represented my brand in an engaging way and it is very eye catching. It also is easy to recognize and symbolizes my brand exquisitely. Evaluation 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Week 4 – Wednesday - Design Brief - This lesson I created my Prezi PowerPoint. I chose my layout and started writing in my design brief. 
Week 4 – Thursday - Time Management Plan - In this lesson I drew up my table for the Time Management Plan and filled it out. 
Week 4 – Friday - Criteria for Success and Design Limitations - This lesson I wrote out the factors that I think make a good logo and also I thought out the limitations to my design work. 
Week 5 – Tuesday - Investigating - This lesson I chose 5 different logos from popular brands/companies and I looked at the positives, negatives and individuality of each. 
Week 5 –Friday (1) - Thinking - In this lesson I brainstormed 5 different logo names and decided which one I thought I would enjoy making a logo for. Then for that logo I brainstormed 5 different designs. 
Week 5 –Friday (2) - Thinking - This lesson consisted of me looking at my draft designs and study the positive, negative and uniqueness of the designs, then chose my favourite.
Week 6 –Wednesday - I was away due to Band and Choir camp.
Week 6 –Thursday - I was away due to Band and Choir camp.
Week 6 –Friday - Thinking - In this lesson I took my chosen design and drafted a number of swing tags that would suite it. I then looked at the positives, negatives and uniqueness of them. 
Week 7 –Tuesday - Designing - This lesson I started constructing my logo on Adobe Illustrator. I did the general structure and outline of the logo.
Week 7 –Friday (1) - Designing - In this lesson I created a small wizarding man that I wanted to be present on the main logo. 
Week 7 –Friday (2) - Designing - This lesson I constructed my three other variations of my logo. 
Week 8 –Wednesday - Designing - The lesson was made up of me constructing the bar code that would be on the swing tag. 
Week 8 –Thursday - Designing - This lesson I completed the shape and front design of my brand’s swing tag. 
Week 8 –Friday - Designing - This lesson I finished the back of my swing tag, the price, size, bar code and other information. 
Week 9 –Tuesday - Evaluation of your Design Project - This lesson consisted of me going through and looking at how I think I did in my designing of the logo and swing tag.  Positive:It is easy to see the logo name and it is a cool effect to have the other letter on the tail of the a.
Minus:There is nothing much going on, it's plain.
Interesting: The cute little wand sparkle on the end of the line.
Positive: It is unique and easy to recognize.
Minus:The a is taking the attention away from the rest of the logo name.
Interesting: The witches hat as part of the a.
Positive: The wand shows what type of things the brand will be selling.
Minus: The wand does not look like a wand, it is very bendy.
Interesting: The wand below the brand name accents it and draws attention to it.
Positive: The writing is easily seen.
Minus: It is plain and boring.
Interesting:The type of writing gives it a country theme
Positive: It is unlike other logos.
Minus: The line going through the logo name makes it difficult to read.
Interesting: The two wands lighten the logo and make in interesting.
Positive: It is a perfect size for everything to fit on it.
Minus: The logo is too small for the swing tag in that design.
Interesting: The rounded edges of the cloud shape compliments the logo.
Positive: The shape links the brand to harry potter which is what the brand was aiming for.
Minus: It is hard to fit all the required information and the logo on because of the size and shape.
Interesting: It is a cool shape and very different.
Positive: The shape doesn't have any sharp edges so the swing tag can't accidently flick into anyone's eye.
Minus: The circular shape makes the logo and information look abnormal.
Interesting: Logo looks smaller and more spacious no matter how much room it takes up.
Positive: Every things that is needed can fit on it and it doesn't look crammed.
Minus: It is the traditional swing tag shape so it doesn't stand out.
Interesting: Nothing interesting
Positive: The shape of the swing tag matches with the 'a' of the logo design.
Minus: It is hard to fit the required information.
Interesting: The shape again is unique and snazzy.
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