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Cloze ESL Strategy

No description

Maria Frias-Medina

on 2 August 2014

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Transcript of Cloze ESL Strategy


Identify unknown words using both sentence context and phonetic cues.
Step By Step
"Creating Meaning"
Cloze Activities
Are based on written text in which some words are left out and blanks are inserted. (Herrel & Jordan, 2012, p. 205)
Using cloze sentences with English learners places them in the very practical role of figuring out an unknown word based on the context of the sentences directly to reading with more understanding (Hinkel, 2006)
Using Context to Create Meaning
Supply words in context based on syntactic knowledge (word order and parts of speech.
Cloze paragraphs are often used to assess reading comprehension
Cloze activities, when used with English language learners, provide an opportunity to teach English vocabulary and reading decoding skills in a meaningful context (Hinkel, 2006)
Maria G. Frias-Medina
Foreign Language Teacher

The context of the sentence, in combination with phonic and syntax cues, is very helpful in supporting the reader in the identification of unknown words. (Herrel & Jordan, 2012)
Strategies for Literacy Development
Types of Cloze
Leave out words selected
Structure words are deleted
Content words are deleted
Some letters are deleted
Cloze Activities to Support Reading & Language Acquisition
Example: I went for a walk to the _________
Example: I went _____ a ____ to the sea.
Example: I went for a walk to the ______
Example: I w______ for a w____ to the s______
Support English Language to focus on meaning reading
Although Vocabulary may be difficult for the readers, "Cloze Actitivies" support their understanding about the text they read
Supports knowledge of phonics, syntax, and prior knowledge about the topic
Cloze Sentences
"Creating paragraphs with words left out requires students to use multiple sources of information, such as context to predict words that make sense in the paragraph."
50 Strategies for Teching English Language Learners. Herrrel & Jordan, 20012.
Observe student reading behaviors
Group students for instruction
Prepare a cloze activity to meet students needs
Identify appropriate words to fill the blanks
Assess student growth and understanding
Add technology
Cloze Procedure is extremely frustrating for second language learners and others and is not predictive. (Peregoy & Boyle, 2013. p.382)
It is recommendable to try with the
"Group Reading Inventory" (GRI)
procedure if you want to get valid
information about your students'
abilities to read your specific text.
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