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Kids Shouldn't Play Video Games Without Adult Supervision

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Lucero C.

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Kids Shouldn't Play Video Games Without Adult Supervision

Kids shouldn’t have video games as their main focus in life. It’s better for parents to know what their child is playing to keep an eye on their them, and keep a faithful time limit for kids. If your child

Children Should Not Be Allowed to Play Video Games unsupervised
Have you ever tried talking to a kid when they're totally in a video game. Did they notice? Sit beside them eating chips, do they want some? Besides turning kids brain into mush, video games makes them think they’re in a bubble world they control. I strongly believe that kids shouldn’t play video games unsupervised.
time Waster
For example, in the 2004 study, conducted by Gentile, Lynch, Linder & Walsh, stated - “that adolescent girls play video games for the average amount of 5hrs. a week whereas boys, play an average of 13hrs. a week.”
Kids Shouldn't Play Video Games Without Adult Supervision
By: Lucero Castaneda
Video Games
Another study done in 2000 also showed that most parents are unaware of the content their child play. That means that their child could be playing a graphic or violent game and their parents might not even know it!
~ decrease social time
~ decrease skills in sports, music, and art
~performance in school affected
~turn addictive
~ aggression
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