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PICTA_ 28th March_ Clovia

trial 1

Wei-Chen Wu

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of PICTA_ 28th March_ Clovia

Healthcare business in Brazil P E S T Healthcare
system Strong/Stable government
Clear policy in Healthcare POLITICAL ECONOMICS Predictable
Steady Budget SOCIAL Wide wealth gap SUS program -Public

Supplemental -Private 
50% unable to meet needs

Weak Infrastructure
Confusing Tax system
Government Pricing system

Rely on local/personal relationship
Weak Intellectual Property Protection
Extensive but poorly educated Workforce Private service : Explosion of middle class
Import : Equipment / Raw-material UNFIMILIAR ENVIRONMENT
NEED LONG-TERM EVALUTION ADVICE TECHNICAL Lack of education Healthcare structure 87% Approval Rate
8.5% GDP for healthcare
+ 470% in 10 years
$130bn for healthcare Language
Well-educated HR Lack of Equipments/ HR
From agricuture to Engineering industry
Healthcare industry
Rely on other countries exported
Need technical corporation & transfer High Portential:
Private service (Middle class)
Healthcare equipments
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