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Seth P

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of EcoMUVE

EcoMUVE By Seth Penna So what happened at Scheele Pond? All of the fish died! Hypothesis The fish died because of a lack of
nutrients in the pond which was all taken up by the algae which grew rapidly because of the fertilizer that the people used. So how did
this kill the
fish? The pond is a very balanced ecosystem with lots of parts Having one slight change can
disturb the whole ecosystem This fertilizer has profound changes People used the fertilizer The fertilizer causes the
algae to grow The algae use lots
of nutrients Fertilizer This takes away nutrients
from other animals That causes most of those
animals to die Because there are so many dead
animals, other animals can eat them The sudden increase of algae causes
dissolved oxygen to go up This causes more bacteria which consume nutrients This shows many of the profound changes the fertilizer causes This graph shows us the relationship
between the algae and the nutrients When the nutrients are high the algae is low
And when the algae is high the nutrients are low
This shows that they relate to each other very closely, and affect each other This graph shows the relationship
between the fish and the nutrients The fish decline when nutrients decline
The decline of the fish is delayed
Most of the fish die suddenly between three days Basically: Balance! But... Scheele Pond is a very well balanced system including food webs and abiotic factors. When a foreign factor comes into play, it can have profound affects on the delicately balanced system. Conclusion Thank You The Aftermath This is the new system of the pond The fish are gone! This leaves the herons
with only one food source Fewer animals need
nutrients now The minnows have
fewer predators Consequences-SHORT term Minnow population goes up
Heron population goes up
Bacteria population goes up
Algae population goes up Consequences-LONG term Heron population goes down
Minnow population goes down
Nutrients start to balance again Prediction graph:
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