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Caitlin Moggey

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Timeline

Evolution of Communication Timeline
3500 B.C. to 2900 B.C.
Alphabet was created by the Pheonicians.
200 B.C. to 100 B.C.
Japan starts the first cell phone network.
Pictographs were created by the Sumerians.
Egyptians began to use hieroglyphics.
People began using pigeons to send messages.
Computers are sold commercially.
The government releases the internet to the public.
The Disruption of Face-to-Face Communication
7% of all communication is verbal.

93% of all communication is non verbal.
Expressions affected by emoticons.

New words, acronyms, abbreviations
Benefits of Social Media
Stay in contact with friends.

Ability to hide real emotions.

Creates an illusion.

Forges relationships based on emoticons.

Keeps you hidden.
Personal Response
- Disappointing because it degrades our social skills
- Doesn't allow true expression
- Relationships are an illusion
- Feels like an obligation to post, say happy birthday
- Popularity contest

How many likes you got?
Now 400 million hits daily. No. 1 activity on the net!

It's about being involved.
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