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No description

Alicia Fracasso

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Persephone


What symbols were used to represent Persephone?
Gods and goddesses were each associated with symbols to represent themselves.
The pomegranate was thought of as "the fruit of the dead." If anyone were to eat the pomegranate they would go to the Underworld, where Persephone was waiting for them.
The torch represents the torch that Demeter carried while in search for her.
The bat symbolizes death and rebirth.
A wreath of flowers represent birth and life after death. They are also a sign of spring after winter.
Persephone was goddess of the spring time and Queen of the underworld.
She was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter.
Hades was Persephone's uncle and husband.
Some myths say that Persephone ate the pomegranate on purpose, and wasn't tricked by Hades, because she wanted to break away from her mother.
Persephone never had a child with Hades, but before she married him, she had a a child named Zagreus for Zeus.
This is Persephone.
By: Alli Fracasso
When Persephone was a young maiden Hades held her captive in the underworld until her mother, Demeter, persuaded him to let her go back with her. After being tricked into eating "the food of the dead", the pomegranate, by Hades she was forced to stay in the underworld for four months. When she left the earth, the flowers wilted and died. when she returned, however, the flowers blossomed back to normal, which explains why she is associated with spring time.
What happened?
A few facts about Persephone:
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