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Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System using Biometrics of

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abigail hiteroza

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System using Biometrics of

Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System using Biometrics of Unicasting Company Inc.
Introduction ...
In the present standard of living, people find and discover ways to improve their everyday lifestyle.
Significance of the Study
Time and Place of the Study
The study will start on June 2013 and expected to be finished on February 2014.
modern technologies:
Unicasting Company Inc. (UCI) is a manufacturing company of corrugated boxes, artificial aquatic materials and plastics.
We know for a fact that these activities in a companies are:
Employers of UCI find difficulties on tracking and monitoring their employees' time and attendance through Bundy Clock as well as preparing payroll through manual calculations.
In fact, it is considered as an essential tool in many fields including education, industry, sciences, businesses, school, home, government, and organizations.
that's why ..
Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System using Biometrics
President/Chief Executive Officer of the UCI
Unicasting Company Inc.
Objectives of the Study
General Objective:
to design, develop and deploy the Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System using Biometrics of Unicasting Company Inc.
Specifically, it sought to achieve the following objectives:
1. to provide a secure storage of employee's record and to have more controllable files;
2. to allow the user or operator to maintain the security of information through an authorized log in;
3. to provide registration and complete processing of an employee's attendance using biometrics; and
4. to provide an automated generation and calculation of payroll system.
The proponents will go to several places including:
De La Salle University-Manila
Technological University of the Philippines-Manila
National Library of the Philippines
Scope and Limitation of the Study
The proposed system will include:
- username and password
For attendance monitoring:
- adding
- searching
- updating
- indexing
- retrieval
For payroll system:
- employee information
- salary information
- timesheet
- applicable taxes and deductions
- ATMs or checks
- no other currencies being computed, except for Philippine peso only
- cannot be accessed through online
Materials and Methods ..
Software ...
Hardware ...
System Development Life
After collecting all the needed requirements from the client and the hard time for planning what the system would be, the proponents will spend time for a brainstorming session to get the idea on how on how to start to create the proposed system.
The proponents will categorize the components of the system, both major and the minor components together with its corresponding modules.
It will also contain interface details, the database tables with all of its elements, the dependency issues and the complete inputs and outputs for a module.
It will serve as the guideline purpose for the following step, which is the testing phase because this is being dependent with coding.
The proponents will use Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 for as the programming language because it suits the system for an easy development.
It involves three stages:
1. Unit Testing
2. System Testing
3. Acceptance Testing
Unit Testing
The proponents will examine on how will the system work and they will also observe if there will be some possible errors may occur.
There will be also a need for the proponents to test their hardware device as part of the development of the system which is the Biometric Fingerprint device.
An evaluation form (Appendix A) will be distributed to the respondents to test the proposed system.
System Testing
Performance of the system will be tested base on its objectives and the functionalities according to the given requirements.
The proponents will distribute a survey form (Appendix C) to the respondents in order to measure the overall performance of the system.
Acceptance Testing
The proponents will distribute a survey form (Appendix B) to the client as well as the possible users for them to test the system’s performance.
This is simply the deployment of the system will be carried out wherein the user will exercise the system actually
Installation of the system to its actual working environment will be done in this phase.
In this phase, it is discovering defects that may push the system back into previous phases.
It is also necessary to eliminate errors in the system during the actual application of the user.
Aspire One D270 net book
DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 Model of Biometric Fingerprint Technology device.
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