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The Kagerou Project

Characters, Songs and Manga

Pauline Yanes

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of The Kagerou Project

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Who are the characters?
KEY: +Mekakushi Dan member
Possess abilities

+Ene, 19 +Kano Shuuya, 16
+Konoha, 19

-Tateyama Ayano, 15*
+Kido Tsubomi, 16 -Tateyama Kenjirou, 38
+Kozakura Mary, 140 -Kozakura Azami
-Kozakura Shion* +Seto Kousuke, 16
+Kisaragi Momo, 16 +Kisaragi Shintaro, 18
+Amamiya Hibiya, 12
-Asahina Hiyori, 12*
Their Special Traits
Almost all of the characters have a
special ability/trait
. They can include:

-Immortality -Animal Communication
-Captivation -Enhanced Eyesight
-Paralyzation -Illusion Creation
What is the Kagerou Project?
The Kagerou Project started out as a
series of songs
that collectively
tell a story
, created using the Japanese voice synthesizer program, Vocaloid. It debuted on 2/17/11 with the song "Artificial Enemy." The songs were created by
Shizen no Teki-P (also known as Jin.)
He is the composer, producer and even guitarist. Although it is originally a list of songs, the Kagerou Project is steadily
being converted into a manga and novel, as well as an anime.

The Project follows many characters, most of which are part of a group called the
Mekakushi Dan
. All of the Mekakushi Dan have special "
Eye Abilities
." Those with abilities are marked by
red irises
. All the characters live in a city that is being
experimented on
, though there is not yet an exact idea on what the experiment actually is. Based on information in the songs, manga, and novels, it may be
targeting people with eye abilities
. It may also be causing the date
August 15
to repeat.
What's the story?
Kagerou Project Albums
The first album is "
Mekakucity Actors
," released on February 5, 2012. It contains 9 tracks, two of which are instrumental.

The second album is titled "
Mekakucity Days
" and was released on May 30, 2012. It contains a track list of 13 songs, two of which are instrumental (meaning they are not sung by Vocaloids.)

On August 15, 2012, (the repeating date in the Kagerou Project plot) "
Children Record
" was released. The single CD contains four songs, including the Project's 'opening song' of the same name. The rest of the track includes "Gunjou Rain" as well as the instrumental versions for both songs.

The third album is "
Mekakucity Records
," released on May 29, 2013. It also has a track list of 13 songs; two of them are instrumental. This is the final album of the Kagerou Project.
Manga/Novel Adaptation
-The Manga: "
Kagerou Days
" is written by Jin. It is illustrated by Mahiro Satou and was first released on August 28th, 2012. A monthly issue of Kagerou Days is published by the Japanese magazine Comic Gene. The manga provides
background information
on the individual characters and
ties together the songs' stories.

-The Novels: Five novels about the Kagerou Project have been released. They are written by Jin and illustrated by the artist Shidu.
-in a daze-
-a headphone actor-
" (10/29/12)
-the children reason-
" (5/30/13)
-the missing children-
" (8/13/13)
-the deceiving-
" (3/29/14)
-over the dimension-
" (3/30/15)
Songs of the Kagerou Project
Lost Time
Enemy -Shinigami Record

Code -Dead and Seek
-Yuukei Yesterday

Haze Days -
-Gunjou Rain -Re Ver.-

-Children Record

-Outer Science

-Gunjou Rain

-Otsukimi Recital

-Summer Endroll -Lost Time Memory

Cyber Journey
-Children Record -Re Ver.- -Ayano's Theory of Happiness

-Konoha's World Situation
-Yobanashi Deceive -Mary's Fictional World

-Kisaragi Attention

-Shounen Brave -Crying Prologue

-Summertime Record
Many of the songs feature the Vocaloid IA. However, some are sung by Hatsune Miku, others are duets between the two Vocaloids. A few songs are sung by Kana Asumi.
First picture: "Kagerou Days" Volume 1
Second picture: "Kagerou Days -in a daze-"
Anime Adaptation

List of Episodes/ "Acts":
act01 -Artifical Enemy-
act02 -Kisaragi Attention-
act03 -Mekakushi Code-
act04 -Kagerou Days-
act05 -Kaien Panzermast-
act06 -Headphone Actor-
act07 -Konoha's State of the World-
act08 -Lost Time Memory-
act09 -Ayano's Theory of Happiness-
act10 -Fantasy Forest-
act11 -Otsukimi Recital-
act12 -Summertime Record-
The long-awaited anime debuted on April 12, 2014. It is named "Mekakucity Actors," the same as Jin's first album. It is produced by Shaft in partnership with Aniplex and 1st PLACE. The series was announced to be a 12-episode show that would have a different plot than the novels and manga.
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