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Iroquois Native Americans

Ms. Bracke's beautiful

Walter Pena

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Iroquois Native Americans

The Iroquois Indians
Their values of equality contribute to the democracy we have today.They strongly believed in equality. Their government was ruled as a democracy, by more than one figure head. The tribe had a council and each clan village had council. All representatives were voted in by the clans. The Iroquois league had 50 peace chiefs. Once every so often, they met and discussed problems or positives. They also made new laws, and dealt with their problems. It often lasted several days.

Like most native American tribes, they believed in story telling. There were spirits for the wind, sun, moon, stars, animals, and plants. They also strongly believed in dreams, hence the term “dreamcatcher”.

Clothing: Clothing was used for protection and decoration. The Iroquois made their clothing from deerskin and other animal hides and furs.
Food: Land for farming was cleared off by the men, then the women and girls did the actual planting. The men and boys hunted bear, beaver, rabbits, moose and deer with bows and arrows.
Family life and shelter:
The Iroquois lived in longhouses, and they believed in strong kinship and extended family. Which basically means that they had they had

Do we honor these traditions today? Why do you feel these traditions are important?
We honor these traditions because their values of equality contribute to the democracy we have today. The way they established their government and council, had a large effect on how the United States government is currently ran today. We feel these traditions are important because they mean something to our the present time now.

Tristan Jordan
Walter Pena

Ms. Bracke
Period: 5

What are the similarities between Native American community and our community?

Our community in comparison to the Natives Americans are very similar in many ways. Lacrosse is an example of one of those similarities. Today we have the sport lacrosse that is played all over the Americas, and it has been that way since the 17th century. The sport which we developed from the Native Americans was once played for religious reasons is now something enjoyable that has stayed with the human race for hundreds of years.
Family Tree
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