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The Next Generation of Learning

No description

Dewey Torres

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of The Next Generation of Learning

The Next Generation of Learning

Explore Learning Solutions
How are we doing on Mobile?
Mobile - AppStore / Challenges / MCA
User Experience – System of Engagement
Crowd Sourcing
Social Learning
User Generated Content
Augment content development with SME crowd sourcing
Crowd Sourcing 2
Crowd Sourcing 3
IBM Connection Apps - More than blogs
Drive traffic to Social Platform - More than standard components of Connections - Blogs, forums. Extend/Expand use of Connection – pull in examples of App throwdown here

Social Learning 2
Social Learning 3
Mobile apps / crowdsourcing and crowdfunding new innovative apps
Build out our Learning Apps in the IBM AppStore

Gamification / Mobile / Manager Choice Award
Practitioner education sites are not consistent or integrated into Industry and Professional development for a comprehensive user experience
A Learning Experience (Kenexa+) that is rich and personalized for the practitioners and crosses SL, PDE and Industry
User Generated Content
View tools for UGC
Buy vs. Build
More engaging solutions not always built but purchased
Discuss contraints
This is an internal presenation
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Existing Mobile Apps – AppleStore

Mobile Apps – Sellers targeted / smaller pieces of learning (Video – brightcove)
Don’t have this capability in-house today – Had to go out externally for Mobile App Dev for Exec. Program.


Submit for these Mobile apps to get self-funded or go outside to develop


Equipping our Sellers
with Tablet

Watch Video:

You won 1,000
Manager Choice Points

Sends Questions throughout a period of time



SAP Wiki

Professional Dev.

Oracle Wiki

AMS Online University

AIS Wiki

Most Recent Learning Launch – Highlighted – scrolling; Much Like TAP Recent Innovations

Analyze Skills Gaps for Specific Teams and Job Roles
Notify people of new Learning One Place for all content

Full practitioner view – use of Kenexa and other sub products to get to single view

Allowing organizations to freely share by enabling - Self-Service Model

Shift some of their time from virtual webinars to working more closely with Ed Dev.


Integrated user experience

Band 8 – 9 GLC’s performing

Move to Self-Service with L&K Templates / assets

400+ Service Line Webinars

Complex Video
Content Producer
Mobile personal apps
Higher Value Add

Lower Value Add

Blackboard / UGC


No ID;
SME Identification

Learning Solution Complexity
315+ Industry Call Series

Interactive Video Technology - IBM

Instant Share


Accenture has Learning Circles

Development costs is equal to 50%+ of SME time

Naming content example


Case Studies
Solution Assets
Proof of Concepts


Provide 500 Choice Award points to the best submission
Points can be redeemed via an online catalog for merchandise or Do-it-Yourself travel. Points do not expire.


Identification of tools like IVT – Interactive Video Technology

The amount of knowledge and talent dispersed amount the human race has always outstripped our capacity to harness it.
Make it easier to learn; e.g. smaller chunks delivered via Mobile.  Change the culture to have people learn continuously in small bursts
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