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Overview of the DSP Program

A presentation about Ryerson University's Digital Specialization Program

Jaigris Hodson

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Overview of the DSP Program

DSP Digital Specialization Program: An Overview Offered Since Summer 2012 Who can enroll in the DSP?

What do students learn?

Why should they take it? EID 100 is an elective available in the following programs: EID100 Classes are a combination of applied (practical) skills and the theories students need to understand the new digital economy The first course is divided into Twelve Modules The world is changing
Decline of old industries
Companies are going digital
Need for new skills
Need for entrepreneurial thinkers This program helps students Get the skills they need for success
Take risks, become entrepreneurs Preparing students for the jobs of the future! MODULE 1: The Big Trade

MODULE 2: Access and Engagement

MODULE 3: Online collaboration

MODULE 4: Privacy, Security and Copyright

MODULE 5: Information Management and Filtering

MODULE 6: Interface and Design

MODULE 7: Online Video and Image Editing


MODULE 9: Basic Javascript

MODULE 10: Analytics and Measurement

MODULE 11: Innovation

MODULE 12: The Future of the Internet The Second Course is Different EID 500 is not a standard course but an intensive experiential semester
It begins with a bootcamp: students learn the concepts they need to be successful
Then students, with help from industry mentors, put together a digital company. All Faculty of Arts programs (FA)
CY001 and CY002 in the Faculty of Community Services (FCS)
TH001, TH002, TH003, IM001, IM002, IM003, RT001 and GC001 in the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD)
BI001 in the Faculty of Science (FS)
HS001 and HI001 in the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM)

More programs are approving this course on a regular basis!

EID 500 is not an elective, but can be taken by any Ryerson student! EID 500 combines an intensive bootcamp with regular mentorship as students bootstrap their own digital company for potential consideration for entry to the DMZ
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