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Design Thinking Online: Lost in Translation?

January 31st 2014 @ d.school TT meeting

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of Design Thinking Online: Lost in Translation?

Design Thinking Online: Lost in Translation?
Design Challenge
Take it home
Sign up
Show up
"I like the idea of taking this course!"
Some insights
Creative Agency (CA)
Creative Mindset (CM)
Productive Struggle (PS)
Did Creative Agency scores correlate with any output or behavior during the course?
Creative Agency Boost
The granularity of the Creative Agency Index
Adam Royalty (personal comm.)
Questions 1 (creative idea sourcing) and 2 (comfort with ambiguity) had statistical significance as
predictors for the 20 circles
outcome (p=0.000 and p=0.0034 respectively)
20 circles: IDEATE Do Now
E-mail intervention before IDEATE assignment
peer evaluation
control (deadline reminder)
resources +
high expectations
resources +
peer evaluation
peer evaluation
"I know that this assignment may be challenging, but I have established such
high standards
because I believe that you are very capable of meeting them."
"...Research shows that
challenges when we often doubt our ability actually provide the greatest opportunities
for brain growth. With that in mind, I hope you see this assignment as an opportunity to “grow” your brain and your creative ability."

One strategy to help in the deliberate practice of idea generation is to impose different constraints or scenarios that allow us to look at the problem from different angles.

Here is a list of constraints you could use to spark ideas. Which one of these would you start with?

A. Start with the obvious ideas
B. Think of solutions that would require magic (or non-existent technology) to work
C. Think of ideas that would be very expensive, and others that would cost nothing.
D. Something else not mentioned here
Do Now: Build to Think

Watch this video of a prototype created by Design for America students:

Now go to the PROTOTYPE & TEST: Making Ideas Tangible FORUM to share your ideas and see what others came up with.
The Fruit Buddi has the goal of helping kids get familiar with healthy foods from an early age.

Correlation between CM and PS?
we didn't find a significant one
B. What you would change in that space and why.
C. Is there a change, however small, that you can make in your workspace right now?
ten faces of innovation: getting them to think of their skillsets and ways in which they could form diverse teams
n= 10881
Forming "Learning Squads"
Redesign the School-to-Work Transition
92% of those students who finished the course belonged to a Learning Squad (LS)
68% found LS "somewhat valuable" to "valuable"
peer evaluation
Students learn with and from others
Each student is able to create his/her own learning path
Students learn by doing and experiment moments of productive struggle
Grab a piece of paper and sketch 1 to 3 alternative designs that could address the same need.
Leila Moinpour
Adam Eastman
Lucas Arzola
Laurie Moore
Ralph King
Amin Saberi
Farnaz Ronaghi
Anne Trumbore
Ben Coleman
Melissa Pelochino
Peter Han
Catherine Courage
Eugene Korsunski
Forrest Glick
Thanks to:
Epicenter/ NSF
Eli Shell
All the catalysts
d.school colleagues
Maureen Carroll
Adam Royalty
Kathy Sun
Daniel Greene
Do Now: Change your perspective!
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