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IB English SL FOA- Amolvir Singh

No description

Amolvir Singh

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of IB English SL FOA- Amolvir Singh

Gender Roles, Stereotypes, Language

By:Amolvir Singh
Language & Literature
Further Oral Activity 1
Comparing Men Deodorant Advertisements

Background Information
Both Axe and Old Spice are male grooming products

Old Spice for men was founded in the US in 1938 (now owned by P&G)

Axe was founded in France in 1983 (now owned by Unilever)
Who is the Targeted Audience?
Axe Deodrants:
Young adults/Teenagers audience (mostly male), all ethnicities.

Axe Excite may also appeals to women

Old Spice:
Old Spice aimed particularly towards sporty men and middle aged men aswell
What Is The Purpose of These Adverts?
To successfully sell their products

To promote their brands

To promote the lifestyle (shows context):
Axe Excite:
urban, romantic, popular with women
Old Spice
: confident, powerful,positive
Male Stereotypes
Axe Excite
Old Spice
Ideal from a female perspective
"Cute" and unrefined
Does not seek attention
American athlete
Masculine and powerful
No emphasis on intelligence
Female Stereotypes
Axe Excite
Old Spice
Emphasis on youth, beauty and innocence
Turning point: change in attitude in the end (give up divinity)
Perfume Attracts All "Sexy" Women (sexism)
Lack of interaction or interest in Manly Things
Weak and submissive housewife
Mother figure
Stereotypes and Roles of the Minor Characters
Axe Excite
Old Spice
Normal citizens
Varying ages
Create cultural environment
Simple Lifestyle
Nerdy/Unfit hockey guy
Wants to be athletic
Wants To Look Buff
Object of disdain
Visual language
Movie-like and visually beautiful
Classical environment
Desaturated color scheme
Contrast between light and shadow
No eye contact with the audience
Varying camera angles, emphasis on close-ups
Small urban area
Axe Excite
Old Spice
Visual Language
Green screen
The man dominates most of the screen
Use of a celebrity(Terry Crews)
Product constantly present
Comical effects;flying
Use of different senses
Breaking the fourth wall
Vibrant colors
Shirtless-,Well-Built (Audience)
Use of Language: 2
Axe Excite
Emphasis on music
"Sexy Boy" by Fallen Angels
Absence of direct speech
Seductive, deep voice promoting the product
Realistic audio
Images used shaped by language (body language)
Old Spice
Dominance emphasized by yelling and interrupting other characters
Masculine voice
Woman's speech is stereotypical and submissive
Catchy theme tune
Special cliche voice effects (humor)
Uses Language To Evoke Your Inner"Big Man Ego"
Use of Language: 1
Axe Excite
"Mamma Mia"
Woman raging at the angel
"Even angels will fall"
Product only mentioned in the end;Uses imagery in description
"Even Angels Will Fall"
Lack of product information in both adverts
Old Spice
Fast,Enunciated and loud speech
Overpowers the other characters;dominance
Use of Relatable Humour/Absurdity
Power of the product causes the man to lose his ability to speak
"Smell is power"
Old Spice sells the product directly
Axe Excite focuses more on the effect/hidden meaning
Differences in style to appeal to target audience and meet their purpose
Emphasis on visual effects
Both have a powerful impact on the audience Using extreme images and use of language
Help Shape the language that is used
General Town Folk-
Varying ages
Simple Lifestyle-
Could be a town
Common Person Room
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Thanks Alot For Listening :)
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