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Extinct Animals

No description

Josh Heinz

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Extinct Animals

How To Help Save Animal Habitat
Extinct Animals
By: Tehran Thomas, Manny Chavez, Shealsy Ponce, and Josh Heinz

The Problem
The problem is that there are too many animals going extinct, and they can't come back!
Why it's important
As the animals go extinct, the environment gets harmed. Plus if an animal goes extinct the animal that eats the extinct animal has less food. Eventually more and more animals will keep getting extinct from shortage of food.
Why it matters to us
What Can Be Done?
Everybody can RECYCLE more
Hunters can stop killing animals so much especially animals that are already endangered.
Drivers can place decals on their cars to avoid the killing of these birds.
Lets support our wildlife instead of killing them.
How Many?
Scientists Estimate that between 150-200 species go extinct every day.

Does this sound like a problem?
If Animals continue to go extinct,
the ecological effect will be so
large, it may be unfixable.

With all the animals dying the ecology will get worse and worse. It'll be hard for us to survive if this keeps going on. Imagine what this world will be like if that happens!
Tips on preventing Animal Extinction
You can support organizations that help with animals and their habitats.
Do not litter!
Don't buy animal products like ivory, real fur, tortoise shell, and stuff a like.
Limit the use of herbicides and pesticides.
You can plant native plants
There are many laws that are being made for this such as.......
CONVENTION on INTERNATIONAL TRADE in ENDANGERED SPECIES: This prevents trade of over more than 30,000 species dead or alive( this also prevents trade of animal or plant parts.)
THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT: This allows endangered or threatened with the possibility of becoming endangered, recovery plans to ultimately delist species.
Inter-American Convention for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles( focuses on sea turtles).
more examples
Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, the Marine Mammal Protection Act
Essentially, animals going extinct hurts everybody. It hurts other animals, us , and the atmosphere. Do everything you can to stop this from happening, even if it's as simple as using less water.
Final Words and Sources
Examples that hurt animal habitat: Deforestation, farming,over-grazing, and land use
We can recycle which will reduce our impact on the environment.
Minimize use of Herbicides and Pesticides: Pesticides are pollutants that hurt environment in many ways
One more SLOW DOWN WHEN DRIVING: many animals such as birds and dogs die from cars, because they don't see them and then when they are hurt they just keep driving.
Promote Awareness
You can join organizations.
Use Social Media like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word around.
Make Presentations and organize campaigns about how much we need these animals and how we will be affected if they are gone.
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