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I'm Gifted

Me as a gifted student.

Jake Zills

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of I'm Gifted

I'm gifted! What positives come out of being gifted? For me they are... Learns easily and rapidly Has keen powers of observation and is alert Can comprehend things, recognize relationships, thinks clearly Has a longer interest and attention span Uses a large vocabulary easily and accurately Retains what has been heard or read without much rote skill Enjoys reading Follows directions A good sense of humor Has a greater than average ability to grasp concepts Uses common sense and practical knowledge What could be so bad about being gifted? Well for me some of these "bad" characteristics are... Can be too authoritative Become deeply upset by failure Always has a nose in a book, which may not mean that they pay attention to the teacher Can bore "less gifted students" Gets bored with repeating assignments Sometimes get lost in own thoughts May see relationships others don't and want to spend time talking about it I'm not going to lie, sometimes I think I become a real pest to my friends when I am particularily curious about something Jake Zills My one of a kind quote... My true color; Gold Yes I really am made out of this... Secondary colors Orange/Blue Lowest color Green What type of learner am I? My unique quote Kinsthetic and tactile I am responisble and always on time (which is why I'm gold) Inspire people and build their self-esteem, also entertaining and persuading people (blue and orange) A thinker, analyzer is a green What does this mean? I am a better learner when I can do things hands on and experiment "Honest criticism is hard to take- especially when it comes from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger."- Franklin P. Jones Myers-Briggs For this test I was ESFJ E- Extrovert, meaning I am an outgoing person S- Sensate, I use my senses F- Feeler, learning better with hands on activity J- Judger, well I use good judgement
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