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English Isu

Sarah Jaconelli

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY

By: Sarah Jaconelli Hero's Journey: ISU Reading- Exploration Assignement TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY Elixer: A NOVEL BY: Jay Asher The birth in the novel Thirteen Reasons Why, is the known death of Hannah Baker. Hannah Baker is a 15 year old girl who began high school as the new kid. She is very out going and to the student body she has "gotten around". Many rumors and opinions have been and are being said about her. Hannah has committed suicide just only two weeks ago. Everyone in the town, Crestmont knows of her passing, but for what reason did she? No one knows. Clay Jenson, a some what shy boy who attends the same high school as Hannah, returns home from school one day to find a mysterious box sitting on his door step. It was an anonymously-sent package with a hurried scribble on the wrapping addressing the package to him. Birth: The call to adventure begins when Clay decides to pick up the package and bring it inside. He sets the package on his kitchen counter and runs a scissor blade along the tape it was wrapped in. Inside Clay discovers a shoe box with seven loose audio tapes, with two sides, except for the last one, making thirteen, wrapped in bubble wrap. On each of the audio tapes there was a small blue number painted in the top corner. Clay takes the tapes to the garage, knowing he had a casset player in there. Since he has opened the box he continues to wonder why anyone would send him these. Clay arrives in his garage and puts the first audio tape with the number one painted on it in the casset player and hits play. Clay is having his call to adventure at this moment because when he receives the audio tapes he decides to hit play. Hitting play is now starting his adventure that is now soon to come. Call To Adventure: The helper in the novel Thirteen Reasons Why is Hannah. The amulet is the cassettes. Clay plays Cassette 1: Side A. Who does he hear on the cassette? Hannah Baker. Clay cannot believe that it is her because Hannah Baker killed her self. But Hannah and the cassettes help Clay to know why, why her life ended. Helpers/Amulet Thirteen Reasons Why ends with one word: "Skye."
This word sums up the way that Hannah's tapes have affected Clay. Also because the novel is centered on Clay listening to Hannah's recordings, their effect on him is a major issue.
Skye Miller is a girl that Clay used to crush on in middle school. He sees her coming out of Mr. Porters guidance office. After listening to Hannah's tapes, he recognizes that Skye is probably going through something, too. Maybe something similar to Hannah's experience. Only after listening to Hannah's tapes does Clay realize that someone he used to care about has become isolated and withdrawn. He reaches out to her with one simple word: "Skye" and, in doing so, maybe saves a life. By: Sarah Jaconelli Heros Journey: ISU Reading-Exploration Assignement ENG 2DG Symbol: Quote: Question Mark The symbol I chose to represent the first stage of the monomyth pattern, the birth, is a question mark. The question mark represents the confusion and curiosity. The confusion of first of all, why Hannah Baker decided to make the decscion to kill her self. Secondly, when Clay returns home and sees a box on his front door step, hes confused as to why it is there and why it is addressed to him. As well, the curiosity. Clay was very curious as to what was in the box and quickly wanted to bring it inside to find out. "A hurried scribble on the wrapping addresses the package to Clay Jensen, so I pick it up and head inside" Chapter: Yesterday- One hour after school
Page: six This quote represents the exact time that Clay returned home and notices a package on his door step. Then quickly realizes that the package is addressed to him. The quote also shows the confusion. The confusion of why the package is adressed to him. Also the curiosity, as soon as he sees the package is for him he quickly picks it up and brings it inside to see further. Annotations:
In the birth of Thirteen Reasons Why, the tone is very leading on and suspenseful. The author pulls you in little by little, so that the reader wants to continue on.
Clay returns home from school one day. (You ask yourself what is now going to happen when he returns home)
He finds a package on his front door step. Adressed to him.
Brings the package inside.
Only certain amounts of information are given at a time and gradually get to the answer. It also gives you alot of imagery, which helps the reader feel the emotion come through. When describring what Clay sees on his front door step: "A shoebox-sized package is propped against the front door at an angle. Our front door has a tiny slot to shove mail through, but anything thicker than a bar of soap gets left outside". When reading these sentances, you have feelings and moods created by the words. The mood that if the box is propped up against his door and cant fit in the small mail slot, the package is bigger than a bar of soap and must be a pretty important package. Gives an imagery that the package represents something big and important. Annotations:
The call to adventure shows little annotations. But it does show imagery. It continues to lead the reader on slowly but gives much detail so that you can picture what is exactly going on in that moment. Clay is trying to think of how to play these cassettes because no one really uses/ listens to cassettes in thie generation. "The garage! Th stereo on the workbench. My dad bought it at a yard sale for almost nothing." Alot of other teenagers can relate/make a connection to this because they know that no one really uses cassettes anymore and trying to find something to play them, for me atleast would be impossible in my house hold. Also when Clay says that it was sold for almost nothing it also connects to how old they are, and are now in todays day to day life are very cheap. Symbol: Starting Line The symbol I chose to represent the second stage in the monomyth pattern, call to adventure, is a starting line. The starting line represents Clay's call to adventure for when he hits play on his cassette player. He is starting a whole adventure to come. By playing the first cassette, he is going to want to play the other 13. A starting line represents this because at a starting line you begin something, such as a race, and you always want to finish it, crossing the finish line. Clay is going to start these tapes and will want to finish them. Quote: "I press Eject on the player. A plastic door eases open and I slide in the first tape." Chapter: Yesterday- One hour after school
Page: six This quote represents Clay Jensen putting the first tape into the cassette player. When he says "eases open," you can picture the cassette door opening very slowly. Which builds suspense for the reader, for when Clay is going to put in the first tape and here something. Annotations:
Connection- Self to Text:
rules to follow, for example: My mother gave me a ring that my grandmother had, who passed it down to my mom who has now given it to me. My mother says that when i have a child I have to pass the ring to them.
This Connects to the novel because, starting off, Hannah states that if you're listening to these tapes then you're one of the reasons why. You will not know which tape is about you so you will have to listen to them all. The connection is when Hannah says "The rules are pretty simple. There are only two. Rule number one: You listen. Number two: You pass it on." Hannah is making the rules to pass on those cassettes just like my mom did that I have to pass the ring on. Symbol: Quote: Tests/Trials/Conflicts: Symbol: Sports The symbol I chose to represent the helpers/amulets is sports. Sports have many rules that you have to follow. Just like the rules the helper, Hannah and the amulet, the cassette, insist. If you don't follow the rules in a sport, there will be a bad out come and it is not tolerated. Back to referring to Hannah, she is giving rules very sternly because she does not want any one listening to the tapes to break those rules. "In case you're tempted t break the rules, understand that I did make a copy of these tapes. Those copies will be released in a very public manner if this package doesn't make it through all of you." Chapter: Cassette 1: Side A
Page: ten This quote represents the helper/amulet because it is Hannah over the tape helping Clay understand what he has to do and what rules to follow and also realize that these tapes have been sent to him and the others can be reviled. Clay faces a lot of tests/trials and conflicts throughout listening to the tapes. In the tapes Hannah introduces that there is a map of Crestmount. On the map are red stars marked on different places around Cresmount. Each tape, Hannah will mention which star you should go to. This is because you can experience exactly what she was feeling. This put a lot of pressure on Clay because when he would be going to these places, he knew Hannah was here. He feels guilty because he never helped her which brought him a lot of emotion. Secondly, Clay is hearing these tapes about people he knows. He still attends school and social events which means he has to face them knowing what they have done to Hannah. As well, Clay is bottling a lot inside. He is having to conflict with himself because he can not tell anyone about the tapes. Keeping everything bottled in is making him very stressed and anxious. Annotations:
Connection- Text to World:
The connection I made is between the world and the novel thirteen reasons why. At this part of the novel, tests/trials/conflicts, Clay has to face a lot without saying anything. In your day to day life, you have a lot running through your mind that not others know about. You may know something or have something to say but you don't and/or can't. This causes many people in the world to become bottled up, and keep everything inside. When you bottle up your emotions when things continue and continue to happen you will reach your breaking point. Which relates back to Clay getting very stressed while bottling him self up with mixed emotions. Lock The symbol I chose to represent Clay while going through tests/trials/conflicts is a lock. The lock represents Clay being very closed in about his emotions. Hes 'locked' up with emotions and does not want to open up. Quote: "Because even though my legs stopped running, my mind keeps going." Chapter: Cassette 4: Side A
Page: 149 This quote represents the tests/trials/conflicts Clay is facing because he is saying metaphorically that even if his legs aren't running his mind still is. Which means he is always thinking about something and there is so much going on. Also even if he stops doing something those thoughts will always be in his mind. Crossing The Threshold: Clay continues on through the tapes. He is hearing more and more stories about people he knows, that attend the same school as him, and he still hasn't heard his name and what he has ever done to Hannah. In Cassette 3: Side A, Clay reads about how Hannah found out about a boy named Tyler who has secretly been trying to take pictures of Hannah from outside her window, while she is in her room. Hannah directs the listener to go to a star on the map, which is Tyler's house. When Clay gets there, he sees that Tyler's bedroom window is broken and taped up with duct tape. Clay hears somebody ask him if he wants a rock. It's Marcus Cooley, a guy from school. Clay guesses that Marcus is on the tapes as well and sure enough, he is. Marcus says that two other people on the tapes have thrown rocks at his window. Clay doesn't throw the rock at the window but later on wishes he did when he ends up hearing the tape Hannah made for Marcus later on. Annotation:
Insight of extended and insightful thoughts-
At this point was when Clay has crossed the threshold. Going to Tyler's house and encountering Marcus has now made him realize that many other people around him probably feel the same. They also have the same emotions he is feeling. He crosses the threshold and realizes he has to finish these tapes to know who is on every single one of them. Also the author used a rock as a good symbol in the novel. At this point the rock doesn't just represent something they are going to throw at someones window. But also all the anger and stiffness representing Clay. The rock looks normal, bland, and has a hard shell. Just like Clay may seem to be, but he isn't his insides are nothing like he seems to be holding up from the outside Quote: "With every side of every tape, an old memory gets turned upside down." Chapter: Cassette 4: Side B
Page: 174 Hannah's tapes change the way Clay looks at all sorts of things. Symbol: Magnifying Glass The symbol i chose to represent crossing the threshold is a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass represents the different point of view that Clay is looking from. Realization that it is not only him who has listened to these tapes. Helpers/Amulet: Clay becomes very obsessed with listening to Hannah's tapes. He never wants to stop and will blow off anything to continue to listen to them. Clay goes above and beyond to continue to listen to Hannah's tapes. Clay gets directed to diner on the map by Hannah. Clay tells his mother that he is going over to a friends house to do homework. But while listening to the tapes he finds him self at this diner. When Clays mother calls she asks where to pick him up (at his friends), but Clay responds at the diner. He feels stupid that he said that because realistically who does homework at a diner. Clay also asks his mother to bring the tapes for him. She doesn't know what the tapes really are, he just told him they were part of the homework. When she arrives she notices that Clay is trying to get rid of her quickly. This is because Clay wants to continue on with the tapes. This is relating to helpers because Clay's mother helps him. Annotation:
Question: How does Clay realize what he has done in this situation?
Answer: Clay's mother helps him. She helps Clay realize, without her exactly saying it, that he is pushing his mother away just to listen to these tapes. She implies it by him pushing her and not even having her stay to sit just because he wants to listen to Hannah's tapes. Drugs Symbol: The symbol that represents helpers is drugs. Because a lot of unfortunate people get addicted and obsessed with drugs. Just like Clay is getting obsessed with the tapes. Always wanting to listen to them. The thing with drugs is that you need help from others to get out of the addiction. Comparing just like Clay's mother is helping him realize his priorities. Quote: "She says nothing, but from the corner of my eye I can see her standing there. She lifts a hand. I close my eyes and feel her fingers touch the top of my head then slide down the back of my neck. "Be careful," she says." Chapter: Cassette 4: Side A
Page: 153 This quote relates to the helper, Clay's mother because it is her making these actions towards him. She is forcing a smile, a hurt smile because she doesn't want Clay getting hurt. She is caring for him even though he is pushing her away. Final Battle: The final battle. The final battle starts of by Clay getting a little fed up, it seems. Listening and listening to these tapes and his name has not been mentioned yet. But then the final battle is Clay's tape finally being revealed. Clay encounters with his friend Tony. Tony knows about the tapes and tells Clay to listen to them. Clay asks Tony if he's on the tapes too, but he isn't. Tony is carrying the second set of tapes, and Tony said that he would reveal to Clay why, after Clay listens to his tape. Cassette 5: Side A. Clay was so anxious to hear what Hannah had to say. Well he is part of her story, but not in the same way as the others on the list. There was a party one night before Hannah's passing. Clay and Hannah were attending, but all she wanted was to find Clay and have a real conversation with him. They went to the same high school and worked together but have never had that 'real' conversation. At the party they had a great conversation and ended it off with a kiss. After the kiss Hannah has every bad thing that has ever happen to her run through her head. After the party, she became extremely suicidal. That very night she started making her list. She started to realize how all the people and stories had worked together to put her where she was. Annotations- Extended and insightful thoughts:
"She was new to school so the rumors over shadowed everything else I knew about her." While listening to Clay's own tape, when Hannah reveals that they have never exchanged a full conversation. Clay thinks about this. He knows why they had never gotten the chance to talk before that: he was worried that the rumors about her would turn out to be true, so he held back.

Flight: At the end of Clay's tape Hannah says that person has already been on one tape(that is the next), so Clay should skip it and mail the tapes to the next person once he's done with this one. Clay says he misses Hannah so much. That's the end of the tape, and Clay asks Tony to finally explain how he fits into all of this. Hannah came over to Tony's one day. She wanted to know if he had a portable cassette tape recorder. Tony didn't ask her why; he just gave it to her.Several days later, Tony's set of tapes arrived at his house.He listened to them, but was confused.When he got through the tapes, he realized that he wasn't on the list. He knew he had the set of tapes that was meant to be released to the public if the people on the list didn't follow Hannah's rules. He wanted to obey her wishes as he did follow through. Clay continues on to the next tapes. Return Home: At this point, Clay crumbles up Hannah's map and throws it into a bush. On the tape Hannah says she was unable to go home.That's how Clay feels right now, too. He gets it. He continued on with the tapes, to number 13. Cassette 7: Side A. This tape was a recording of Hannah and her guidance counselor, Mr. Porter. Hannah is telling Mr. Porter that she wants to end her life. She says she feels like no matter what she does, people keep hurting her. For instance, there are lots of rumors about her at school. Mr. Porter makes a half-hearted attempt to keep her in his office, but she leaves. She waits for him to come after her, to try again to reach her, but he doesn't. This is the final proof she needs that nobody cares enough to try to save her. Hannah says she's sorry, and the tape ends. Clay wishes he could have helped her; he wishes he had tried harder. For Hannah's wishes he mails the tapes to the next on the list. The next day, he's at school and faces the many people that were mentioned in the tapes. Symbol: Book The symbol I chose to represent the final battle is a book. The book represents Clay judging what he had heard about Hannah not even knowing who she really was. Which prevented him from not having a full conversation with her until that one day, a few days before her passing. The book symbolizes not to judge a book by its cover. Not to judge anyone by what you see or hear until you actually know for yourself. Quote: "Clay, honey, your name does not belong on this list." Chapter: Cassette 5: Side A
Page: 200 This quote represents the final battle because even though Clay has built up so much thinking he has done something so wrong to make someone kill themselves, he didn't. Hannah put him in the tapes because she was secret crushing on him, and needed him to know that. Annotations:
Connection-Text to self:
The flight connects to myself because I can feel Clay's pain. I know the feeling of missing someone so much but not being able to do anything about it to get them back. Symbol: A cup of tea The symbol of a cup of tea relates to the flight. This is because to me a cup of tea gives me relief and keeps me calm. After Clay hears his tape he gets a sense of relief. Just like a cup of tea has an effect on some people. Quote: "Everything... affects everything." Chapter: Cassette 5: Side A
Page: 202 This quote relates very much to the flight, but also the rest of the story. Hannah is affecting everyone listening to these tapes. In the same breath, everyone on the tapes affected Hannah. Hannah affected Clay very much and changed his lifestyle the whole time he was listening to the tapes. Building up to just hear the voice of Hannah say his name "Clay Jensen, this tapes for you." Annotations:
Connection- Text to television show:
The television hit series, Pretty Little Liars is about 4 best friends trying to figure out how their 5th best friend Allison died. She was murdered and they wished they could have helped. They thought they could have helped but they never realized what was going on. Connecting to Clay. Clay wishes he could have helped Hannah but never got the chance. He never saw through her and that she was hurting. She covered it up pretty well. A smile can hide a lot. Symbol: Smile The symbol that represents the return home is a smile. A smile might seem to represent happiness, don't be fooled. Even if Hannah seemed as if she was happy, that wasn't the case. Treat everyone the same even if they are happy or sad. Care for them no matter what the circumstance. "Then you looked up. You saw me. And there, in your eyes, what was it? Sadness? Pain?"
"I watched you walk down the long stretch of hallway, with people knocking into me. But I didn't care. I stood there and watched you disappear. Forever." Quote: Chapter: Cassette 6: Side B
Page:259 This quote is said by Clay Jensen. Clay sees Hannah. Sees the sadness and pain in her eyes but watches her walk away, to never be seen again. He had the chance to stop her but he didn't. Clay didn't look beyond what he thought he was just "seeing". Hannah was feeling those emotions but no one realize that. :Quote Symbol:
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