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Drive through Safari

No description

erika thomas

on 16 August 2016

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Transcript of Drive through Safari

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Testing the Coaster
Once the roller coaster is built and the speed and velocity is decided the roller coaster is ready to test. A thrill-seeking tester (labor) will ride the roller coaster to ensure its safety.

Building a roller coaster
After the engineer has created his sketch, John contacts a well-known steel company to purchase the steel (capital) he needs. Then its time to build. The construction workers begin with the structure and foundation of the roller coaster using the steel. They then begin forming the tracks (capital).
John (entrepreneur) is asked to create a new and improved roller coaster for his local fair (land). He hires a engineer (labor) and architect (labor) to design the roller coaster. They will need paper, writing utensils, and measuring equipment (capital) to create the sketch.
Once the roller coaster is built, John contacts well-known mathematicians and physicists (labor) to discuss a safe speed and velocity for the roller coaster to reach.
Next, John buys the cars (capital) for the roller coaster.
Daniela Cardiel, Curshara Hagins, Erika Thomas
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