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Ashley Vu

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of MARY MACKILLOP

Mary Helen MacKillop, also known as St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, was an Australian of Scottish descents who has been declared a saint by the Catholic Church. She was born on January 15th 1842 in Fitzroy, Melbourne. She was kind, generous and she always cared for people who needed help or a turn in life. Her early life showed her great desire to follow Jesus' footsteps in life.
Together with Fr Julian Tenison Woods, she founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, a group of religious sisters which established a number of schools and welfare institutions throughout Australia, with a value on education for the poor in Australia. Mary Mackillop established her first school in Penola for children who are young and need education.
Mary MacKillop had some miracles that she performed. In 1961, a woman from Sydney Veronica Hopson, 23 years old, was sent home , suffering from acute myeloblastic leukaemia. She was at the edge of her life. A woman broke the silence on the weekend about how Josephite sisters prayed to Mary MacKillop for the disease that Veronica had to be cured. After that, Veronica's disease was cured by Mary MacKillop.
Kathleen Evans had lung and brain cancer in the 1990's. These diseases could not be cured . She only had one month to live her life, she wore a relic of Mary MacKillop's clothing at night and prayed . Ten months later doctors saw no sign of her cancer anymore, only the scar where it had been.
Her parents, Alexander MacKillop and Flora MacDonald, were both born in Scotland. John, the eldest boy in the Mackillop family, died in New Zealand, 22 years of age after a fall from a horse. Alick, lived ONLY for eleven months. Donald became a priest who spent most of his time with the Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory. Peter the youngest, also died at age 22, from a long standing illness. Mary died of age 67 (1842-1909). Maggie died aged 29 after a long sickness (1843-1872). Annie outlived her whole family and was a great support to Mary especially in her later part of her life (1848-1929). Lexi the youngest became a Good Shepherd nun and was Mistress of Novices at the time of her death aged 32 years old(1850-1882).
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