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flying dragon lizard

No description

audrey leelhasuwan

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of flying dragon lizard

flying dragon lizard where the flying dragon lizard lives the flying dragon lizard can be found in rain forests of the Philippines , Malaysia , Indonesia , and other parts of southeast asia . flying dragon lizard's diet the flying dragon lizard is a carnivore it eats ants , termites , and other small insects that are smaller than it . the flying dragon lizard's predators the flying dragon lizard has a few predators but the main ones are birds they both have some what of the same ability but the bird would have a little bit of an easier time trying to catch the lizard than any other predator of the flying dragon lizard . facts the flying dragon lizard doesn't actually fly it glides . size and age the flying dragon lizard weighs about 20 grams when it is an adult , it also can be as long as 8 inches or (20.3)centimeters from head to the tip of the tail, they can live 3 to 5 years also the females are slightly larger than the males . it can glide 50 feet away from it's location . there are about 40 different species of the flying dragon lizard .
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