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Serena Sitch

on 10 December 2013

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light shows
What is light
Step 2
Some UV [ultraviolet] light gets stuck outside the atmosphere and some can come through. this is good because if we have too much UV [ultraviolet] light we can die. We still have a lot of UV [ultraviolet] light that is why we wear lots of sun screen. we also need to wear sunglasses when we look into the sum
When we see something, we are actually seeing a reflection light. Light rays bounce off of things and into our eye.

Step 4
a shadow is a place were light can not get to. this is because someone or something is blocking it. if you stand outside on a sunny day you will make a shadow.
we use light to see. if there is no light we can't see anything.

light can be very pretty and is sometime shown in special events. this light is called fire works. to make fireworks you place it on the ground and then light it. once lit the fireworks will fly into the sky and hen it is high enough colours will bust out of it. it is very pretty to watch.
the speed of sound is 343.2 metres per second. this is very fast but light is faster. the speed of light is 299,792,458 metres per second. that is extremely fast.
there are different types of light. one main source of sun. this is a natural light so it is good and very important for the earth. another common source of light is a light bulb. this is a man made light so it is not good for our earth.
light is made of particles. these particles are called photocells. they are very small and phonocells travel in waves. short waves look blue and long waves look red
at school our class did an experiment to do with light. we got a shoe box and some scissors. we first cut a peep hole and a light hole. then we put an object inside the box. at first we had to cover the hole hole and guess what was inside. it was hard to see what the object was but when we moved our hand away it was easy to see. that experiment was done to see how important light is with our vision.
lets learn more!
solar panels are a source of electricity. the panels use the sun to create electricity. solar panels are often used to heat pools
lightning is a source of light. it is very dangerous. if you see someone get struck bye lightning i would reccommed not touching them and calling an ambulance
hi my name is serena and today i will be answering all your questions about light.
picture time
laser light
laser light
thank you for watching i hope you have learnt a lot and enjoyed my prezi
laser light's are sharp beams of light. they can be used in medical procedures and they have been used to measure distance. In the movies they use laser beams for security. laser beam are straight beams of light they are very hot if you were to touch one it would burn you. if you put a mirror in front of a laser beam the laser would shine to the right of the mirror.
light reflecting off a mirror
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