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Hypovolemic Shock

Pharmacology Presentation

Kristina Siroky

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Hypovolemic Shock

Hypovolemic Shock Definition Pathophysiology Clinical Presentation Desired Outcome Treatment options Inadequate tissue perfusion to
meet tissue demands
Usually the result of inadequate blood flow and/or oxygen delivery
Shock is NOT a blood pressure diagnosis
Acute intravascular volume deficiency
Fall in blood pressure compensated by: Increase in sympathetic outflow; Activation of RAA system;Humoral factors that stimulate vasoconstriction
Vasoconstriction redistributes blood away from skin, skeletal muscles, kidneys, and GI tract toward vital organs
Metabolic lactic acidosis develops secondary to tissue ischemia and causes localized vasodilation which further exacerbates the impaired vascular rate

Water & electrolyte loss
diabetes insipidus
heat stroke
GI bleeding

High index of suspicion
predisposing condition
essential details of history
past medical history
Caused By: Overall Goal:
Increase oxygen content
Increase cardiac output
Adequate blood pressure
Assuring effective intravascular plasma volume
Prevent organ damage or if possible reverse organ disfunction With successful Treatment
Stable healthy patient
No signs of impending shock Crystalloid? Colloid? Whole
blood? Presser agents
dobutamine: use first
dopamine as last resort OXYGEN!! Electrolytes in water solutions with or without dextrose.
Lactated Ringers Solution
Advantages: Rapidity, ease of administration, compatable with most drugs, absence of serum sickness, and low cost
Disadvantage: Large volume needed 4L or LRS = 1 L blood loss; pulmonary edema more likely than with Colloids
Larger molecular weight solutions
Recommended in conjunction with or as replacement to crystalloid
Albumin, Hetastarch, Dextran
Advantage: prolonged intravascular retention time

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