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Barton Reading & Spelling System

No description

Jazzmine Souza

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Barton Reading & Spelling System

Appropriateness Created specifically for adults with dyslexia
Modified for children
Student needs to pass initial screening
Understand and speak English
IQ of 70 or higher
Have dyslexia or suspected of having dyslexia Validity & Reliability Additional Information Reading & Spelling System Barton How was it normed? Many independent studies
All show improvement in students' ability
Most acknowledge lack of evidence if Barton was not used
Many success stories on website
Based on Orton-Gillingham Approach No information on norm reference Pre and post tests for each level
Total of 10 levels
2-3 years to complete
Each level contains all tools needed
Tutor Training Video
Scripted Book
Color or letter tiles
All start at level 1
10 level total Reading Each level contains a spelling element
Spelling rules that compliment the phonics instruction
Mnemonics used for remembering spelling patterns
"Kiss the Cat Rule" -> use K versus C Spelling Can be used by teachers, parents, reading specialists
Need to pass a tutor screening
Levels do not correspond to grade level
Max 3 students, faster progress is 1 to 1
Cannot be used as whole class
Specific training section for homeschooling
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