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Poison Gas Used in WW1

No description

Kim Tan

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Poison Gas Used in WW1

Poison Gas Background It was invented by two German Scientists named Lommel and Steinkopf who wanted to create a poisonous weapon that will harm and kill a soldier.
Poison gas was successful for the Germans as it killed many of the French soldiers in the Second Battle of Ypres in April 1915.
It was probably the most feared weapons in World War One.
There are different kinds of poison gas including... Chlorine Gas Phosgene Gas Mustard Gas By: Kim and Bobbi Details and Description Poison gas looks like a yellow-green cloud.
Soldiers have to put on gas masks to protect themselves from the gas.
Some soldiers preferred to use a handkerchief, sock, or a belt that is dampened with a solution of bicarbonate of soda and tied it across their mouth and nose until the gas passed over.
Poison gas was mostly used in World War One and the first time it was used by the Germans on the French, it was a successful for them.
Poison gas was showed in the World War One that it can be a useful and powerful weapon that has many advantages and disadvantages. Advantages -Kills massive groups or make them useless even if they survive
-Cheap and effective
-Could be used even when there was not attack going on
-Does not sacrifice own troops
-Could be used in artillery shells (increases target range and variety of gases used)
-Mustard gas stayed in the soil for weeks making infected areas dangerous Disadvantages - Indiscriminate
- Can harm your own side if the wind changes direction
- Enemy will learn to use it against you
- Later gas masks were invented
- Soldiers knew how to use a cloth soaked in urine to protect from the gas
- Lost its effectiveness later in the war because enemy was prepared - Was not as effective as other weapons in the war like the tank
- The number of deaths were actually few even though it scared everyone
- It lost its effectiveness after the first few uses Effectiveness Mustard Gas Gas Mask Bell used by Germans at Ypres to warn everyone of a gas attack British soldiers after suffering a gas attack British soldiers in poison gas at Loos Containers holding poisonous gases Gas masks avaliable near the end of the war CASUALITIES FROM GAS
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