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No description

Julie Offersen

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of USA

Experience in USA
- Sabbatical year
- Why USA
- What can I use the trip for in the future?
- How long will my journey take?

- Washington D. C.
- Coca cola
- Shopping
- National Mall
- The white house

Biggest trip
- Los Angeles.
- Walk of fame

- Experience
- Transport
- Money
- Conclusion
- Music
- What did I learn?
- Did I think It was fun to work with?
Ticket from Denmark to Washington D. C. (Economy class)= 2.395 kr (365,88 dollars)

Hotel in Washington D.C. in 20 days (all inclusive) = 24.185 kr (3694,68 dollars)

Rental car (+ petrol) I can use to drive from place to place (in Washington and L.A.) 11.150 (1703,36 dollars)

Ticket from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles = 2.275 kr (347,55 dollars)

Hotel in Los Angeles 9 days (all inclusive) = 7.890 kr (1.205,33 dollars)

Ticket from Los Angeles back to Denmark (Economy class)= 2.233 kr (341,13 dollars)

Small things:

Shopping (national mall) = 15.000 kr (2291,51 dollars)

Coca cola Museum = 105 kr (16 dollars)
Sum = 65.723 kr

The white house = 490 kr (74,86 dollars)

- How do I get back and forth?

Thanks for listening
How do I get money to my journey?
- Child savings account
- Job in Sportsmaster
- 118,32 kr pr. hour
- 2 hours work pr. day (236,64 kr pr day)
- Work 6 days in every week
- 3394 after tax in a month
- 1 years work
40.728 in a year
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