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Hans Zimmer Music presentation

This is a presentation project on Hans Zimmer.

charlotte lane

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Hans Zimmer Music presentation

Film and Video game composer
Photos of Hans
His life
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In his early years he was in a pop music group called The Buggles. Their first single was The music killed the radio star, this song was also the first on MTV. After that he was a solo artist and he used computers as well as synthesizers with real instruments. Later in his life he received an award for the music in the film rain man. He continued to write music for films such as The lion King. His 100th film score was for the movie The Last Samurai.
Hans zimmer has composed music for many films and his head of the dreamworks music team. he started composing and writing music in 1970. He now owns his own music company called
Remote Control Productions.

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This is a piece that I composed from Interstellar the movie. I think is a really good piece.
Hans was born in Frankfurt, Germany. As a teenager he lived in London where he attended Hurtwood House school. Later in his life Hans Zimmer says that his fascination with music comes from his mum who was a musician herself
Music written for films
Pirates of the Caribbean
Lion king
And many more
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He got 1 academy award for the score in the film
"The Lion King"
He also got 2 Golden Globe awards for
"The Lion King"
"The Gladiator"
He got 3 Satellite Awards for
"The Thin Red Line," "Gladiator"
Hans Zimmer also got 2 Saturn Awards for

"The Dark Knight"
(shared with James Newton Howard)
He also got awards in many other categories
Hans Zimmer
Famous film Music composers presentation
In the process of composing the music for interstellar! It is really exciting and everyone is great to work with.

The Lion King
The Lion King is one of the most known films that Hans Zimmer composed music for, it was released in 1995 and had great popularity ever since, many critics admired it for its great music
Pirates of the Caribbean
Hans Zimmer
Hans Zimmer is also famous for his role in composing of music for "The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl"
which was released in 2003
The songs he composed were:

Hans Zimmer created this with someone else called Lisa Gerrard. The film was released in 2000 and was quite popular.
Soundtracks written by Hans Zimmer
Inception is a sci-fi film that is about a dream within a dream, where leonardo dicaprio (a theif in the film) has to put an idea into a CEO's mind.
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