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theatre history of special effects


jack welborne

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of theatre history of special effects

Special Effects in Theatre The first theatres The theatre is primarily used for entertainment. There are four basic catagories of theatre building,costumes,actors and special effects all of which progressed over time.The first known theatres were found in Greece and they were built into hillsides. These theatres had a large dirt floors at the bottom for the dancers and actors and had very little backgrounds. All they used were masks and triangular blocks of wood with scenes painted on either side of them. Now lets jump to the 1800s,in the 1800s people began taking the technology from the industrial revolution and applying it to the theatre. This was a very large advance because now they could make bigger and heavier backdrops and they they could be moved by using hydraulics. 1800s Elevators and Turntables An elevator stage allows sections of a stage floor, or even the entire floor, to be raised or lowered. A revolving stage is a large turntable that has scenery on it and as it moves, one set is brought into view as another turns out of sight. T modern special effects revolving stage In theatre today special effects can range from fog to making people appear to be flying. I think special effects changed the theatre forever because it makes it all the more interesting,exciting, and realistic. Lasting effects special effects had on theatre FUN FACTS The people who dress up and play the part of Mickey Mouse at the Disney resorts and theaters have to be exactly 5'2" tall!
In the movie godzilla is 195 ft. tall but in real life he is only seven ft. tall. They made it look like he was huge by making the city tiny. and pyrotechniques works cited http:\\www.associatedcontent.com\article\1355825\new technology in theatre during the pg2.html?cat =37
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