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christopher phan Duties of a Slave

No description

Jaci Howard

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of christopher phan Duties of a Slave

Duties of a Slave
Duties of a Farmer
~A farmer is a person that grows food.
~Farmers lived in a house made of mud bricks.
~ The windows were built up high to let the heat out.
~Some farmers grew fig trees,wheat, and barley.
~ The farmers got water from a shaduf built next to a river.
~ The farmer will carry the buckets back to their field to water the field.
~The farmers will wait for the flooding season to bring in rich soil to help with planting.
~The farmers used scoops, rakes, a shaduf and flint-bladed sikes.
Duties of a Scribe
~To become a Scribe you have to attend a school of Scribes.
~A child of a Scribe can be come one.
~Scribes were usually men.
~ Scribes went to school did reading, writing, history, math, astronomy and geometry.
~Scribes write with reeds dipped in ink.
~Scribes were tax collectors, law administrators, writers of letters, writers of legal documents,recorders harvests, recorders food supply, they document rainfall, they document the water levels of the Nile, they control the food supply, they conduct census and they over-see construction.
~ Scribes who advanced did the roles of engineers, priests, judges, doctors or teachers.
Different Types of Hieroglyphs
The Egyptians made up another type of writing, hieratic writing and demotic writing for the Egyptians to write the hieroglyphs quickly. The original hieroglyphics were used for tombs and temples, while the hieratic and demotic writing were used for writing records.
~A slave is someone owned by a higher ranking person than he/she.
~If the people survived the take over they will be brought back to the other country , turned into a slave, than they will be call prisoners

~If the family was poor they will sell their child to someone who needs a slave.
~There is no written record that the slaves were used to build the pyramids
~There was no toilets for slaves.
~Some slaves can be dancers, gardeners, or accountants.
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