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Baby Steps with iPads in The Early Years Classroom.

Victoria Kerlin Early Years Teacher - Prep at Christ The King, Graceville. My passion is for early years education through play-based learning, child-centered curriculum, developmentally appropriate practice and ICT! @vlkerlin - twitter (The Way 2 Play)

victoria kerlin

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of Baby Steps with iPads in The Early Years Classroom.

Early Years Teacher - Prep. My passion is for early years education through play-based learning, child-centered curriculum, developmentally appropriate practice and ICT!
@vlkerlin (The Way 2 Play)

Learning Context
Free Play
Classroom Example 1
Project Time
Classroom Example 3
Literacy Rotations
Classroom Example 4
Show and Tell / Guided Reading
Classroom Example 5
My 1st year teaching at CTK.
Previously was working in a BCE school with a high priority in ICT in classroom contexts.

Started with 26 children most have computers at home, access to iPhone and iPads, 1/2 students meeting MC or A by 1st Term in most learning areas.
3 Desktop computers - (I use 1 so I can have access to Printers. Other 2 donated to grade 1)
3 laptops for 2 hours in the morning session. (all other year levels had access to 3 laptops all day)
Persuaded admin that EYRS ICT is as important and equity issues allowed me to gain access to 3 laptops all day by Term 3.
Term 3 we were delivered 6 iPads to share between 2 Prep Classes!!
Apps were downloaded prior to receiving iPads. Apps for all year levels are on every iPad (multiplication, faction games on Prep iPads)
ICT teacher manages all aspects of iPads - downloading apps, updating and what and when we can buy Apps.
Thank you to Danielle for all her support and guidance!
Learning Intention
Know what you are learning from the chosen game app.
Something we have brainstormed as a class while learning to use the App.
IWB connecter teacher models
how to use the app
when to take a screen shot
language involved in the learning
QR codes poster for parents.
Apps in folders
Free Play Apps on home screen
(students can ask to use an app we have previously used)
Take Turns - 1 turn if someone is waiting share
Connect 4 - 2 player (Futaba)
Continue playing until someone asks for a turn.
iMovie Digital Portfolio
The Next Step!
Highlight process as well as product
Takes away from teacher workload!
Word Wizard App - $2.99
Story Writing
Rotation task - write a story to match your drawing
Finding the letter that matches the sound they want to write.
Sounding out a word on paper, making the word on grid, put say word and hear if you were correct.
If the word doesnt sound right change the letters, add letters until you make the word you want.
Write your sentence on the grid and listen back to the sentence to check it sounds correct.
The Next Step!
iMovie Digital Portfolio
Print screen shot and glue to work for folio!
Share and Teach
Baby Steps with iPads in the Early Years
Small group rotation - outside table (noise levels)
1 person the speaker (sharing something) ROSTER
1 person the recorder (videoing using iPad camera)
others ask questions and identify 5 important facts at the end

Save to album
Reflection sheet
Did the speaker share 5 important facts?
Did the audience identify the 5 important facts?
Classroom Example 6
Teacher activity to blog each day.
Used co-constructed journal writing.
Each day added to blog at the end of the week.
Previously children copied onto Weebly.
Reporter for the day (child of the day - weather chart, open the door at the end of the day)
Takes photos throughout the day (iPod - iPad)
Chooses 1 photo to add to weebly blog at the end of the day and writes a sentence about the day.
Weebly App installed on iPods - iPads
Small Groups - Focused Learning Whole Class
Colour groups
Colour depends on chair colour at table
Mixed ability groupings

Matched an iPad background screen to Groups
When they do Project Work they must use their colour iPad.
Photos, image screen shots
Evernote, iMovie project, Drop box.
Photo Album

Wanted to download photos to PC and delete from iPad.
Folio at the end of the year made in iMovie!!
Project Example
My World, Our World
Project Task for Term 3
Choose a country to investigate as a group.
Find a poster that matches your group colour
Write your countries name as a title.
Write your own names on your poster.
Take a photo of your group - using camera.
Print, cut out, glue to poster
Using word wall, find your countries name and enter it into Google Earth.
Investigate the landscape of your country.
Take a photo of your country on Google Earth - using screen shot.
Print, cut out, glue to poster.
Take a screen shot of - green landscape, a river, an interesting landscape, buildings.
Print, cut out, glue to poster.
Find your flag in the classroom and take a photo - using camera.
Print, cut out, glue to poster.
Find your country on the classroom globe and take a photo - using camera.
Print, cut out, glue to poster.
Use the interactive globe to investigate facts about your country.
Write your facts on a piece of paper, cut out and glue to poster.
Find your flag in the print out of flags of the world.

Colour in, cut out and glue to your poster.
Managing iPad Storage/Charging
Classroom Example 2
QR codes
Download QR code maker and scanner Apps
Make QR codes for YouTube clips http://www.socialqrcode.com/ print out and use as a resource in the classroom.
Make wall posters come alive by recording students voices or creating a video to accompany wall display. http://vocaroo.com/
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