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No description

Brandon Martin

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Baxter

Are the end effectors multi-functional?
They can be switched out to best suit the need of the owner.
What does Baxter do?
Baxter is an assembly line robot.
Where is the robot used?
Mostly in factories.
How is the robot taught to do its task?
It has a graphical interface(menus) or can be taught manually through manual movement of its limbs.
What sensors does Baxter have?
He has 360 degree sonar and a front camera.
Advantage of a robot doing the job vs. a human
Baxter will never tire of repetition and can work in close proximity to humans.
What function does Baxter simulate?
Baxter can do most repetitive jobs.
What is the work envelope?
Baxter has seven degrees of freedom per arm.
What other tasks can Baxter preform?
Baxter can lift and move smaller objects that fit in his hands.
So,no programming?
No additional programming is need after the robot is purchased.
How are the sensors used?
To detect humans and grab objects better.
Baxters advantages
Baxter doesn't require complex programming and never tires or gets bored with repetitive tasks.
Baxter also doesn't need a benefit program, because he is a robot.
Baxter costs $22,000
Baxter can't cope with extreme problems
How does the robot impact its audience?
Baxter can help small businesses thrive because he is affordable and requires no programming.
Can larger businesses use Baxter?
Yes, but they could probably afford specialized robots.
What types of jobs does the robot create?
Baxter needs to be manufactured and put together. He also needs programming before he is bought.
So Baxter does need programming?
Not on the consumers part. Only with manufacturing.
How can Baxter be better?
His end effectors can have more variety and his vision could be improved.
Can Baxter walk?
No, but a motor and wheels would be cool.
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