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JAEA Evaluating Performance

No description

Raymond Sheh

on 12 June 2017

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Transcript of JAEA Evaluating Performance

Research Competitions
Advancing the State of the Science
Guide Innovation
Measure Progress in Capabilities
Identify Best-in-Class Approaches
Refine Expectations and Inform User Communities
Standard Test Method Suits Communicate Responders' and Users' Critical Mission Tasks
Repeated Trials Establish Confidence
Presentation by Dr Raymond Sheh
Standard test methods, developed with experienced first responders, are put together in a competition arena.
Inspection and Scenarios
Robots and teams from around the world
Competitions gather together
different capabilities.
Advanced Mobility
and Inspection
Autonomous Operations
Flying Robots
Evaluating Performance and Advancing Capabilities using
Standard Test Methods for Response Robots
Sheh, R. and Mees, D. (2015) Human-System Interaction for Bomb Squad Applications: Preliminary Experiments with Low Cost Cameras in Real World Deployment. in Proc. IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics, Oct 2015.
See comp.oarkit.org for details!
See www.oarkit.org for more details!

Example parts list (TOTAL: $495 AUD):
7x Dynamixel AX-12A servos, $345 AUD
Raspberry Pi 2B, $43 AUD
Raspberry Pi camera, $39 AUD
Raspberry Pi camera extension cable, $5 AUD
Wireless LAN adapter, $5 AUD
8GB MicroSD card, $6 AUD
5V regulator (RC UBEC), $5 AUD
OpenCM 9.04 board, $26 AUD
3 cell LiPoly battery, $10 AUD
XT-60 battery connector, $1 AUD
Nuts, Bolts, Wire, Misc components, $5 AUD
3D printed plastic components, $5 AUD

Additional recommended components (TOTAL: $110):
PiTFT screen, $60 AUD
DC barrel connector, $3 AUD
12V power adapter, $22 AUD
Bluetooth adapter, $5 AUD
Playstation controller, $20 AUD

Intelligent Robots Group, Department of Computing
Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia
Intelligent Systems Division
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Project Leader: Adam Jacoff
Standard Test Methods focus development
Teams develop on abstract but relevant apparatuses
Qualification can be conducted remotely
Test Method Combos reveal operationally significant capabilities
Teaching Camps and Summer Schools encourage dissemination
Define winning more flexibly
Best performing robots get an invitation to be evaluated in operational tests in front of responders and industry
Teaching Camps and Summer Schools facilitate dissemination of Best-in-Class capabilities and inspire students to tackle responders' real-world needs.
Project Leader: Adam Jacoff, NIST
For more info, email robottestmethods@nist.gov
Presented by Raymond Sheh, Curtin University
Operator Proficiency

What is a standard test method?
Running, jumping, catching, throwing
Playing a game.
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