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This prezi was made by 6th grade me... hope you enjoy!

Luke Krawczak

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of Earthquakes!

By Luke
What Is An Earthquake
An earthquake is when two tectonic plates that are shifting touch and they grade together eventually they get stuck. The pressure then builds up. Once the pressure gets too strong they separate releasing all of the energy. That release of energy is what creates the earthquake. Sometimes they can be destructive. They are not good.
Where Do They Occur Most Often?
Don't worry an earthquake won't just pop out of nowhere and destroy your house. If that happens earthquakes would be a lot bigger of a problem than before. Earthquakes only occur around plate boundaries but mostly around convergent boundaries. A convergent boundary is when the plates push together, and one gets pushed down into the mantle and melts.
Earthquake =
As I said before an earthquake cant just pop up out of no where they have to be near plate boundaries. Since we live in Rhode Island we are not near any plate boundary's. The closest an earthquake that could happen would be Oklahoma.
How likely is it that your area will experience an earthquake?
The Best Prezi Ever Made
The Effect On Peoples Lives.
Earthquakes are very powerful events they can have very negative effects on people such as death.
People can also lose their homes and the loved ones. In some cases whole community had to live outside for a long time.
Now that you know everything about how earthquakes happen and where they happen you should know how to survive them. There are many ways to prepare for an earthquake. Make sure that you know multiple safe exits from your building just in case. If you are inside when it starts get close to a interior wall and curl up portecting your head. If you are out side find a clear area away from trees, buildings, and electric poles. Then croutch on the ground and portect your head with you hands.
How to survive
In conclusion earthquakes are dangerous natral evens that occur when two plates rub together. If you live near a plate boundary make sure you have safety mesures in place.
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