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The 5th Wave

No description

gracyn nehring

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave
Rick Yancey

When Cassie does enter the camp, she ready to be plugged into Wonderland, but ends up escaping, and meets Sammy, along with Ben.
Rising action
The rising action found in the book was when Cassie found Evan, and when Ben awoke in Wright-Patterson, training to be a soldier.
Main Conflict
found throughout the book
The main conflict found was character VS. character, and character VS. self
Not enough information was said about the general, but he was the one who trained all the humans in Wright-Patterson. Towards the end of the book, it is found out that Reznik is actually a Silencer himself.
Mood throughout the book
Presentation by Gracyn Nehring
Reading level: 7-8
genre-Apocalyptic, science fiction, action, suspense,
The mood found throughout the book is gloomy, suspenseful,and mysterious.
Author's Tone found in The 5th Wave
The author's tone was meant to be unexpected , somber, serious, and sci-fiction based
(Mood and Author's Tone)
(Actual Settings throughout book)
Main Settings
Evan's Farm House
Cassie is a 16 year old sophomore with strawberry blone , curly hair, who is about 5"4'
Physical traits
Cassie Sullivan is a determined girl, who who cares deeply about her younger brother, Sammy. She is also the type of girl who does not give up on hope easily.
Unlike most of the human survivors, Cassie still keeps her dry humor.
Cassie also carries around the book, Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, in her survival backpack to remind her of life before the alien invasion comes.
Including the book, Cassie had a stuffed bear that she obtained from Sammy before he was taken to Wight-Patterson
Evan Walker
Evan Walker is a Silencer himself, who fell in love with Cassie.
Although Evan was supposed to kill Cassie, because she was a human, Evan only shot her leg while on a mission in Cincinnati. After this, Evan wanted to make it look like he was a human and took her in to his farm house to help her heal.
"I am a Cassie. A shark who dreamed he was a man."-Evan Walker.
Evan is strong-willed and determined like Cassie. He also cares about personal hygiene
Evan grew up on the farm, with eight people. Sadly, all the family members died.
Ben Parrish
Ben is a 16-17 year old sophomore who when to the same school as Cassie
Physical Traits
Ben was a popular football player while at school. Throughout the rest of the book, Ben becomes an unlikely hero and keeps promises.
Ben ends up in Wright-Patterson, and becomes the leader of his squad. The squad trains to "kill" the "Silencers."
Ben's squad-
While training to kill the Silencers, Ben meets Sammy, and take him in under his wing.
Ben's Squad
"Dumbo"-Dumbo is the medic on the team, who is only 12.
"Tank"-The boy is short-tempered, but ends up dying for unknown causes back at Wright-Patterson.
"Poundcake"-This boy is 8 years old, but is skilled when it comes to shooting.
"Oompa"-Oompa was not a very athletic child, and died during Ben's first, real mission.
"Teacup"-Teacup is a seven year old girl, who rough, and menacing. Teacup also respects Ringer
"Ringer"-This girl is 16 years of age, and had excellent marksmanship. Ben decribed her with straight, black hair, and pale skin.
"Flintstone"-Flintstone has a quick temper, and his body was heavy. "Flintstone" ends up dead, because he pressed a button that was in sync with the chip in his neck.
Although not clear, Ben may like Ringer
Ringer's real name was not stated in the book, but she was described to have straight, long, raven hair. Her skin was also pale.
Physical apperence
Ringer is known to be a great shooter, and is intelligent. Ringer is also independent, and does not open up very easily to others.
The 5th Wave takes place in the present. Although the story does not specify where Cassie is traveling, there were main buildings were the girl traveled.
Found 60 miles from Cincinnati,Cassie wands up in Evan Walker's farm house. Inside the farm is plenty of food, and running water.The house also has a barn, which is not in use.
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is where all the remaining humans are being lead to. The base has a different name, "Camp Haven." In reality, the base is used to train remaining humans how to fight against the "Silencers."
Examples of this were found on pages 299-315, when Ringer and Ben find out that Reznik (general)was working for the Silencers. This lead to Ringer and Ben having to battle the general before Reznik unleashes his secret weapon.
"It's hissed, hollered, snarled, and spat at me, at all of us.
It was character VS. character, for all remaining humans had to face the Silencers and even themselves.
Character VS. self
Character VS. character
Examples of this was found when Cassie was having internal battles about trusting, and loving Evan. This was because she found out that Evan was Silencer
The 5th Wave
's climax was when Ben and Ringer found out that they were the 5th wave.

While this was happening, Cassie found out that Evan Walker was once a Silencer who switched sides and joined the humans.
the 5th Wave." pg. 309
"So I do the thing most reasonable people would in my situation
I run." pg.357
-Cassie has just found out that Evan is a Silencer
Falling action
During the falling action of the book, Ben realizes that Sammy is still back the air force base, and has to go back and save his life from the dangers in "Camp Haven."
While Ben is heading back to the camp, Cassie is heading to the camp with the help from Evan, to save her brother,Sammy.
Just when the three are about to leave the building, they run into Vosch.
Vosch is the Supreme Commander, who runs the camp. Vosch is also a Silencer and becomes Cassie's, Ben, Evan's, and Sammy's enemy.
"A single death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic."- Vosch quoting Joseph Stalin. pg. 128.
A theme found throughout the book was, survival of the fittest.
This was shown many times, for only 2% of the world's human population is left. Those who have survived the other four waves, have to face the final wave, the 5th Wave.
The 2% left, are the fittest, for they adapted to the new environment the fastest. They have also learned how to hide from the enemy and hunt.
Cassie was an example of this, for months she was on her own, hunting, and camping out on the woods.
Relation of character to your own life
Cassie is a character that would do anything for her family, as shown through Sammy. This describes myself, for would do anything for my family, and the ones I care about. If something is wrong, I would like to try to fix it. This is what Cassie tries to do when it comes to the people she is close to.In addition to caring about family, Cassie also speaks her mind. Although this can cause problems, speaking your mind can even help with situations. This means, that she is not shy to get to know people.
Character development
Cassie Sullivan has experienced many life-changing events. One of these include the founding of Evan Walker. Even though Evan was a Silencer, Cassie trusted the man, which lead to the finding of her younger brother. If Cassie was to be found by another Silencer, she would have never been able to reach her brother. To add, Cassie grew from a girl who stood in the background, to one who saved lives, including herself. Every since her mom's death, Cassie became very responsible, which lead to her becoming a parental figure. Because her dad was heart broken, Cassie had to step in and take care of Sammy.
There was not a lot of information given about Sammy's appearance, but he is five years old, and has a stuffed bear, named Bear.
Sammy is very fond of Cassie, and still believes that his dad is alive. Sammy also likes Ben, for he was the only one who cared for Sammy in the camp.
If one likes action, suspense, and an apocalyptic setting, then The 5th Wave may be a book to consider.
The 5th Wave is made for people between the ages of 13-18. I would not recommend this book to younger ages, for there are many inappropriate words, and if one does fear gruesome events, do not read the book.
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