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The Human Brain

No description

Felicity Keane

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of The Human Brain

The Human Brain
F is for fail

The STRESS test!
Colourful Con Job
Did your brain decieve you
The Human Brain
Since the day you were born, a slimy, three-pound blob has controlled your every thought, memory, movement, and emotion. Visual perception, creativity, lying, and persuasion are just a few of the mental skills explored in this Prezi all about how our brain works.
How good is your spacial awareness?
You know where all of your fingers are, right.
Let's find out!
Everyone feels stressed, from crying babies to traffic jams to ever finding a parking spot. Everyone feel stressed, But Why?
What are the different parts of the Brain?
The frontal Lobe is associated with reasoning, planning, parts of speech, movement, emotions, and problem solving. We use the frontal lobe a lot in our daily lives. The parietal Lobe is mostly associated with movement, orientation, recognition, perception of stimulation. The occipital Lobe is used when it comes to visual processing. The temporal Lobe is
associated with
perception and recognition
of auditory stimulation,
memory, and speech.

You always thought you would be able to find your fingers, I guess not.
Please watch this video and follow the directions, just remember not to panic!
How many did you get?

I told you F really is for fail!
Challenge Time
How much easier could this test get, tic toc tic toc
Did we just blow your mind! Well if not you must have a very creative mind. Lucky You!
What a Stressful situation!
Stress is triggered by loud and unfamiliar noises as well as visual stress. In those last two games I hopefully stressed you out with the tic, toc, tic noises as well as the pressure of being under a time limit. By playing those games your brain entered a stress state. In this stress state your
amygdala releases adrenaline and cortisol into your body which decreases short
term memory.
What colours are the brains?
The two brains are exactly the same colour, don't believe me! Go back and have a look.
Can you see it now!
All you have to do is follow these instructions.
1. Raise both arms over your head and point your right index finger at the ceiling.
2. Bend your left arm about half way and spread your fingers as far apart as you can.
3. Now use your right index finger to tap each finger on your left hand one at a time. But reach for the ceiling in between each attempt.
4. Yes that was easy
But now do it all again with your eyes closed
No peeking!
How did it go in the DARK?
I bet you missed a few fingers
Not easy now huh.
Lots of people would miss a few taps with their eyes closed. Propriocepton, the awareness of ones body position in space, is greatly enhanced when isual information is available. Without visual cues your brain has a harder time of keeping track of your body. Keep those eyes open!
In the double dutch challenge, I bet most of you would of expected something strange to happen, but did you get everything right. They added in the chicken to distract you from counting and noticing what was happening around you. You might of got that right if you had a little hint of concentration!
Your brain has many mental short cuts that sometimes are false alarms. Your brain deceives you all the time which makes you stress, worry or run away. This mental reaction helps prepare you for a flight or fight reaction.
Don't get too comfortable
Our brains are the most complex organs in our body, as you have seen in this prezi. Our brain controls stress, awareness, as well as deceiving us with mental short cuts. Along with that our brain controls our every move, action and thought.
Where would we be without brains?
Therefore keep your brains active, alert and awake by constantly challenging yourself
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