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Electrical engineering: transmition and distribution of electrical energy

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Jose Melchor

on 19 March 2011

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Transcript of Electrical engineering: transmition and distribution of electrical energy

Transmission Generation Distribution Our homes ..WE KNOW A LITTLE ABOUT THE ELECTRICAL ENERGY AND THE DIFFERENTS TYPES OF GENERATION BUT... ...HOW DOES THE ELECTRICAL ENERGY TRANSPORT FROM THE GENERATION UNTIL OUR HOMES?... What would be the method to transport the electrical energy? ...And you think... ... in this ... AND I THINK IN THIS... Is it all the process?? .... you earn your salary very easy... REALLY??! AND DO YOU THINK THAT CONTROLED.... THIS... THIS... AND FINALLY THIS... ... is easy??? you see that is not easy firts we have the generation then we increase the voltage for transmission now energy travels over these big transmission Towers 500 KV!!! 12 cities like pereira then down the voltage... and continues down to 115 kV and transmitted by towers like this ones...! It is the energy that consume How is the process?? and now is the time for distribution...! You see the biggest middle of transport of electrical energy but... But, what happen, when do we need enter the electrical energy at the city??? The next step is the distribution.... the energy that the city use When the electricity comes to the city its voltage is smaller that in the transmission.... How can down the voltage? Using a transformer of course... and Why do we need down the voltage? which is the process? the voltage is between 33 and 13.2 KV Because your home work with 120V.... And what else??.. At the end of this process we have electrical energy in our homes... And it is a summary electrical engineering Laura Monica Escobar
Jose Nicolas Melchor
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