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Lab Safety

How to be safe when conducting a lab experiment

John Lui

on 6 September 2017

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Transcript of Lab Safety

Labratory Safety
Lab Safety
Lab Goggles
Handle Chemicals
& Lab Specimens
with respect
Student safety begins with the respect and understanding of chemicals and lab equipment
Safety Quiz
Help protect the eyes from injury
Chemical Spillls could burn your skin
If you spill a chemical on your skin
Handle all broken glass
with care
Broken glass should be cleaned up
with a broom and dust pan, then
placed in a broken glass bucket
Where are these items
and what are they used for
Listen to your teacher and follow directions when handling
and disposing (throwing away) chemicals
Lab Symbols
What do these
symbols indicate?
If you don't know
ask the teacher
If something unsafe happens
always tell the teacher

Chemical Safety
Broken Glass
Signs that warn us of danger.
Lab Safety Tips
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