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Using Google Forms for School-Wide Data Management

eTech Ohio Conference & Ohio Goes Google 12-13

Matt Dillon

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Using Google Forms for School-Wide Data Management

School-wide Discipline
& Data Management
with Google Forms

Today we will discuss . . .
How we use Google Forms to track discipline

Benefits of using Google Forms

Ways Google Forms can help you

Matt gets into trouble
& is sent to the office.
Let me introduce. . .
Matt arrives at
the office.
Matt's teacher submits
an office referral form using Google Docs.

A copy of the referral is emailed to the teacher
for her records.
A copy of the teacher's discipline referral is available to the principal
How it works. . .
The Teacher's Perspective

Google Docs Office Referral is . . .
Great for documentation
No cost to use
Provides great data

Matt Dillon / @dillonxv
Chad Miller / @PrincipalCMill
What else can Google Forms do?
The Principal's Perspective

The autoCrat script generates a form letter (PDF & Google Doc).

PDF is emailed to principal & forwarded to involved parties.

PDF is printed & given to student.
The principals
investigate &
use information
from the teacher to complete Student Discipline Form.
The autoCrat Script & Google Docs Provide:
Fantastic documentation
- IEPs, Parent concerns

Improved communication between staff & families.

Data that can be analyzed.

Good looking PDFs/Google Docs

It's free!
autoCrat Script - Mail Merge
Q: How does it work?
A: Google Scripts
A Javascript set of instructions that complete tasks for you.

The autoCrat script: Free & easy to use!
Installing a Script
Create a new Google Form

From the spreadsheet view, select the
Tools Menu -> Script Gallery

Type autoCrat into the search box.

There are hundreds of useful scripts to explore

Once installed, autoCrat has step-by-step instructions.
Other Applications for
Google Form + autoCrat
Discipline reports

Attendance letters

Share survey results

Provide classroom walk-through reports

Rubrics or feedback for students

Article from EdTech Coaching.org by Krista Moroder
Information about autoCrat script & step-by-step instructions.
Graham Elementary Discipline Referral Form
The template we use for student discipline referrals.
Matt Dillon: @dillonxv
Chad Miller: @PrincipalCMill
Graham Elementary School
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