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Atillery and weapons of the american revolution

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Buk Lau

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Atillery and weapons of the american revolution

Artillery and weapons of the American Revolution
Howitzers were first made to fire bombs, (powder filled explosives). The charge on the bombs would burn so quickly that the howitzer eventually had to turn into a large gun with a high caliber, because the bomb in the howitzers would prematurally explode and kill the soldiers as well as destroy the howitzer which were hand made and costed alot of money. Howitzers are always on wheels and usually have only 2 wheels.
The ability of the cannons was to damage walls and get long distance group kills. Cannons were classified by the iron ball weight that they shot, the shots ranged from 3-32 pounds. The Howitzer was one type of cannon used in the american revolution.
The Brown Bess
The Brown Bess was the most popular weapon in the early war days. The Brown Bess was the fastest gun to reload, the soldier could fire it 3 times per minute. It shot a .75 caliber musket ball, which would give a staggering blow to the body. It was not very accurate but at 20-50 yards it was a little more accurate.
Earliest Artillery

The earliest form of artillery that was recognized were called "Bombards." It is believed to come from the Latin word "bombus" or deep, loud noise. It is believed to be another word for a catapult that could launch 3 times a mans size. Another early mortar or artillery was the "pots-de-feu" or "fire pots." This mortar design was made of a small basin with much thicker sides.
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