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Argumentative Writing

No description

lisa ammons

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Argumentative Writing

Argumentative IS NOT the same as Persuasive
Whodunit Mystery
Encourages students to begin with the evidence and use it to determine what claims they can legitimately make in an argument.
Uses Toulmin’s basic conception of argument:
1) a claim
2) based on evidence of some sort
3) a warrant (rule) that explains how the evidence supports the claim
4) backing supporting the warrants
5) qualifications and rebuttals or counter arguments
that refute competing claims
Toulmin Model of Argumentation
6 main components
Argumentative Writing
Start with a Problem
analyzing evidence critically in light of existng knowledge
interpreting evidence to explain what it shows
developing warrants that show why the evidence is relevant
using the evidence and the explanations to solve the problem
Introduce the Problem
Next Steps...
Putting it in Writing
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