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Pamela Sng

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Light Pollution What is light pollution? ~ Degradation of photic habitat by artificial light The consequences of light pollution Causes - Make sure outdoor lights reflect downward in fully-shielded fixtures . How can we cut down on the pollution? - Light Pollution also has positive effects on some wildlife such as migratory birds . light pollution helps these birds in finding food at night Benefits I hope this matter will be taken serious;y by the public , ministry of health and every single people in the world . Debates may be taken but i'm sure this would lead to a better life . Last But Not Least ~ Light pollution competes with starlight in the night sky
. Harm people's quality of life . For example ,it can disturb sleep when it shines into home .
.waste energy and therefore a waste of resources and money
.have an impact on the ecology and wildlife on an area, affecting the behavioural patterns of mammals, birds, insect and fish .
~ Electricity is used to power the lights . -> Introduced by humans, directly or indirectly, of artificial light into the environment that disrupts the natural lighting of the environment . Use of too much artificial light and having the lighting aimed up into the sky where it does no good for anyone - Change high-wattage bulbs for dimmer ones and selecting warm-white lights with low emission of blue
- light. 1 . ENERGY WASTE




5.REDUCTION OF NATURAL SKY POLARIZATION . A flat-lens cobra luminaire, which is a full-cutoff fixture, is very effective in reducing light pollution. It ensures that light is only directed below the horizontal, which means less light is wasted through directing it outwards and upwards. This drop-lens cobra luminaire allows light to escape sideways and upwards, where it may cause problems.
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