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"Nowhere to Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of "Nowhere to Call Home

Chapter 1
In chapter 1 as everybody is asleep in bed everything starts to go wrong and know one knows why. Everybody jumps out of bed and the maid said no don't go in there something is wrong and there is three men that were surrounding the bed and there heads were looking down at the floor. Then she told her what happened, that he shot himself. She wasn't very upset and that is weird.
Chapters 2-3
In chapters 2-3 in started out when people are starting to lose their houses and they have to live out on the streets with no shelter or coverage. While they are out on the streets they have to make money some how so they can afford food. So they sold apples so they can get something to eat and drink. Then all of the banks shut down and then she found out where her mother lived. Which would be in Philadelphia.
Chapters 4-5
In chapters 4-5 they were traveling from Philadelphia to Chicago. When she got on her first train ride she forgot something so she jumped off of it to go get it. Then she started to jump different trains so she can get to the place that she needs to get to. Then when she was talking to Junius she said that she wanted to be a hobo.
Chapter 6-7
During chapters 6-7 Frankie ran into fright yard in Philadelphia. When she was going into the yard she was waiting for a fright to come so she can travel some more as she starts she is going to start to buy her some cloths for her self. As she did all of that she also cut her hair off to look like a boy. As she till waits for a fright to come by so she just sits there.
Chapter 8-10
Stew pot and Frankie are still in the jungle. Omaha Red, Slim Jim, and Spit left to hop a train. Frankie couldn't find her bag when she woke up. They were all searching for her bag. They found it but it wasn't where Frankie left it. The bag was a lot farther than where she left it. Later that day they hopped a train and left the jungle.
Chapters 11-13
In these chapters, Frankie gets some of her things that were in her bag stolen. Including brush, comb, mirror, and sewing kit that she had taken from the house before she left. Frankie and Stew Pot are traveling through the Rocky Mountains right now heading towards Cincinnati. Stew Pot asks Frankie where she wants to go and she said anywhere but Chicago.
Chapters 14-16
When this chapter started, Frankie was shown by Stew Pot the things that he makes out of wood. She was very amazed that you could make something like this. Stew Pot ended up showing her how to whittle. She was amazed with it drawing her attention to that. When the train came by she about missed it. Once they were on their way to Chicago they had to bail off of the train before they pulled into the freight yard.When Stew Pot jumped he had no problem but when it was Frankie's turn she hesitated and hurt her knee when she jumped!

Chapters 17-22
As they have went to Cincinnati through Montana they have not been treated very well on the road so far and where they have been. A big part of this is where Frankie told stew pot that she is a girl and that they both got arrested. They have been in the flophouse but since then Frankie starts to get more mature and they leave the flop house and they fix their selves up. Stew pot got a cold and he has got a cold but they do not have enough time to stop and they finally reach there destination the rocky mountains.
By: Gabe Rever
"Nowhere to Call Home By: Gabe Rever
Chapters 23-26
Through these chapters of the book they have been through Montana and Seattle and they just keep traveling. Ans as they were traveling they seen people treating bums poorly. Stew pot started to get sick and no one will come ad help him not even the doctors. Stew pot finally died on that vary day Frankie bought a ticket to Chicago and she was knocking on her aunts door the next morning.
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