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My Sisters A Popstar

No description

Emalee Kiernan

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of My Sisters A Popstar

My Sister's A Pop Star
Prezi made by: Emalee Kiernan
The protagonist in the story My Sisters A Pop Star is Sam Devine she is the sister of a pop star. She doesn't always like her crazy life but she does a great job hanging in there! The antagonist is Danni Devine she is in fact the pop star who is world famous with tv shows and interviews. Danni loves the attention.
Protagonist And Antagonist
The setting in the story My Sisters A Pop Star is present day and they lived in Guam that's a tropical island owned bye the U.S.A they live in an apartment in the begging of the story and in the middle of the story she moves into a mansion.

The perspective in the book My Sisters A Pop Star is third person. I know this is true because the book uses words like her, she, they, and There's. Also because their is a narrator.
The conflict in the story is person v.s themself. I know this because the main charcter has to make a lot of tough dissisions and she is only twelve. She has to choose beetwen her sisters fame or being a normal family and make many more dissisions. She also has to fight off her feelings somtimes.

Even if something seems imposible nothing is imposible. And thats the theme in this book. The book touht me that even when life is at its hardest you should never give up because n because nothings imposibe=
The climax in the book My Sisters A Pop Star is when Sam is sitting in her bedroom and looking out her window and she relaizes that no matter how caotic her life is she needs to make the best of and its all going to be okay.
The denouement begins when Sam is sitting on her window sill and she is thinking about her life and her sisters fame. ''I have the choose to shut down my sisters carer and am t going to no matter how much I hate it its her dream and she would not ruin my dream.
Plot Summary
Sam is in her room on her blog suposed to be packing when her Mom comes in and says '' SAM you BETTER not be drinking orange cream soda AGAIN.'' Of course not Mom Sam thought to her self. Then sam when back to bloging, about a hour later of bloging Sams Mom came into Sams room and rushed her to walk out they door because they had to go to Sam sisters concert. When Sam her Mom and there agent for Dannie got to the they
took there seats and watched they
More Plot Summary
A wild month of shows concerts and caos later Dannie was taking a trip to Canada with her family and Sams friend when it all went wrong Sams friend was cought on T.V singing in the shower and thats when Sam had enough of this crazy mess she ordered her Mom to take her home. Sam sat in her room for a long time until she met blu a man in her bedroom wall who was the editor of this T.V show thing that her family was starring in it was a reality show type of thing.
Plot Summary
The next day the family moved into a new house it was huge Sam got a new room and blu moved into her wall again. Sam even had a pool and her house was right next to her favorite horse stable. Sam got in her room and noticed the worst thing ever it was PINK!!!! Sam hated pink so much she could not belive that her Mom gave her the pink room when she knew how much she hated pink.
Plot Summary
Sam was up late that night thinking about how she had the opprotunity to shut sown her sisters carer and no matter howuch she wanted to she was not going to.
Book writen by: Kimberly Greene
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