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'Don't waste your youth growing up."

No description

Patience Roby

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of 'Don't waste your youth growing up."

What makes us wild?

What drives teens "wild"
Do we let our emotions drive us wild?
When we fall in love we find ourselves doing crazy things to impress the one that our heart belongs to. Think about some of the Disney stories, love is never an easy task.
Especially when it comes to teenagers,
hatred and anger always have been strong
emotions. If we don't like someone we make it
very obvious that we don't like them. Sometimes
doing wild and crazy things that get us in trouble.
Envy has always been a downfall to humans
we want what we can't have what we want.
Which leads to doing wild things so we can get
what we want.
Teenagers need something t be passionate about.
But when we become too passionate, that passion
drives us to accomplish goals that we otherwise wouldn't
try to reach.
"All good things are wild and free" -Thoreau
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