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Searching for Summer

Multimedia Project #2: Analyzing Elements of Fiction in a Short Story

Jennifer Navarrete

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Searching for Summer

The Elements Of Fiction in
Searching for Summer Exposition Setting Rising Action & Conflicts Climax Conflicts resolved during falling action Resolution Conflict Plot Characters Setting Themes Point of view The story takes place in a post-nuclear world where a nuclear bomb was thrown creating a cloud over North America causing the sun to not shine anymore and the grass wither due to no sunlight. Time- A time in the future.

Place- Post-nuclear North America The newly wedded couple decide to go find the sun. On their way to finding the sun their scooter dies on them causing the couple to take a break and to stay at the Rising Sun owned by the repulsive-looking Mr. Noakes. An elderly woman named Mrs. Hatching left her purse causing the newly wedded couple to go into the woods and returning it to her. To their surprise Mrs. Hatching's house is hit by the rays of the sun they've been searching for. The couple has to go pick up their scooter at the garage, but while they went back to the village Mr.Noakes saw them. Mr.Noakes examined their complexion and begged them to tell him where they found the sun in order for him to make a profit from it. They lie to Mr. Noakes that the sun was miles away instead of saying that it was located in the woods around Mrs. Hatching's house. The newly wedded couple leave the village to return home never seeing Ms. Hatching, Mr. Noakes, or their possessions ever again. Mr.Noakes never went into the woods, and the couple found the sun. The external conflict deals with a newly wedded couple trying to find the sun in a time where the sun is nowhere to be found. Main Characters: Lily, Tom, Mr.Noakes, Mrs.Hatching.

Lily and Tom are dynamic characters. At first, Lily is obsessed, or so it seems, with her wedding dress, but Tom convinces her that she will not need it anymore at the end of the story. Tom changes by finding the sun. They both realize that the sun only shines on the good parts of the world. Mrs.Hatching and Mr.Noakes are static characters. Mrs.Hatching is a kind, sweet, independent, elderly woman throughout, while Mr.Noakes is a nasty, selfish character. The story starts off in a town located in California during a post-nuclear world where the sun does not shine at all, and seems nonexistent. The setting shifts to a village called Molesworth where it is just completely awful and nasty. Then, the setting changes into a house located in the woods where the sun shines. Hope can help people get out of the depression that has occurred.

Good things come to people who do good deeds.

A few bumps on the road can possibly help out where a person is trying to go. The story is told in third person narrative where the narrator relates everything in the form of, "HE, SHE, THEY".

But they came to the hills and passed them, and a new range shouldered up ahead and then slid away behind, and still there was no flicker or patch of sunshine to be seen anywhere in the gray, winter-ridden landscape.
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